Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow. What the folk arts are made for.

OK so the headline is rubbish. I am trying to be positive. Not easy in these weather condition unless you are a snow rabbit or a polar bear. Last Friday night Mo and I walked round to a friends house and we played Wii bowling. Final measurement of the snow when we left at 1am was eight and half inches, measured on top of the table on the deck.

Lots of cancelled events over the last few days and it looks like there may be more with snow Tuesday and Wednesday. We will laugh at this come August.

Ashville Rolls With Laughter

I went to the event in Ashville last week where Jeff Hartley and John Schomburg were the performers. What a night. The place was packed and Jeff and John were on their form. Two hours of non stop laughter. If you get the chance you have to get John S to do his Beatnik impression.

Song writer Challenge

White Trash extra verse. If you have not received the information on this and would like to have a go contact me. I have sent out a copy of the original to most people, but I may have missed some. You do not have to be a song writer to enter, it is just for fun.

The song White Trash by Fred Eaglesmith only has two verses. The challenge is to write a third.
The challenge will take place at the Ashville Open Mic on Thursday 18 February. It will be easy, it is planned in such a way that you only have to sing the verse you write.

If you have not experienced Ashville open mic give it a try. Well worth the journey. Lots of music, banter, leg pulling and friendship.

That Man is at it Again

Who is he?

Bill Cohen

The Event is a concert by Bill Cohen, to benefit the Central Ohio Folk Festival, May 7 - 9 at Battelle-Darby Creek Metro Park.

The Valentine Concert, is at Areopagetica Book Store, on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010 Bill will be doing songs for Valentines. Get there early, Bill always pulls a good crowd. Because he is good.

A Few Things To Make You Smile On A Cold Day

Tom Paxton

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queenvictrola said...

"He came out alone and sounded like everything from a guitar to a symphony orchestra" - Jay Ungar

The Columbus Folk Music Society presents master of the the 12 String Guitar, Neil Jacobs, February 27, 8PM for the Folkside Coffeehouse at Areopagitica Books. Jacobs, internationally recognized as an "ingenious guitarist", fuses flamenco, Celt, Balkan, Greek, jazz and gypsy styles into masterful original works. Neil draws inspiration from his world travels and experiences, and shares his fascinating stories with his audience. Known for his CD release American Gypsy, Jacobs has recorded four other CDs, including his most recent "12 String Guitar", nominated for "Best Solo Guitar Album" in the 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards, the largest independent music awards in the world. It has been several years since Jacobs performed for CFMS. We are so excited and it is such an honor to have him back to grace the Folkside stage for our annual CFMS February Silent Auction. To read more about Neil and hear his music, go to www.neiljacobs.com.

Silent Auction begins this month and ends next month when the Folkside hosts a VERY lively Live Auction dulcimer performance from the highly enjoyable Butch Ross whose brilliant dulcimer was heard at last year's Central Ohio Folk Festival. That's right, the Central Ohio Folk Festival is coming around sooner than you think on May 7, 8 and 9! The Folkside Suggested Donation is $5, $4 for members plus a can of food for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. Song circle begins at 7PM as does Open Mic Sign-up. Open MIc begins at 8PM with the featured performance at 9PM. Areopagitica Books is located at 3510 North High St. Columbus, OH 43214, (614) 268-5094.