Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And The Winner Is

John Schomburg wins the third verse challenge.

(Photo: Contestants line up ready to sing their verse)

In a very close contest John edged it to win with the best white trash verse.

A video copy of all the performers will be sent to Fred Eaglesmith. Let's hope he will choose one of the verses to include in the song.

Knowing the fun to come a good audience turned up to cheer the contestants on.

I have to give a special mention to Judy (Extreme left) although a regular this was the first time she had graced the stage at Papa Joe's.

Fireside Tales this Sunday
If you have never been to a Storytellers Of Central Ohio event you are missing out. This one is for families. Get rid of the winter blues, shake off the cabin fever and give it a try. I promise you an entertaining afternoon.

The Storytellers Of Central Ohio are presenting an afternoon of Music and Storytelling
for the whole family with six of the best storytellers in Ohio,

Emily Bailey, Sally Crandall, Jim Flanagan, Frank McGarvey, David Austin Sky, and Larry Staats

with the Hard Tackers Sea Shanty and Sea Songs Team

March 07, 2010
McCoy Performing Arts Center
100 W. Granville St
New Albany, Oh 43054
Cost: $7/adults, $5/senior citizens, $4/children 12 years and under.
Tickets are available at the door.
For more information call Frank McGarvey at (614) 268-0532.
for directions, see
The video below shows just how much fun you can have with music. You will enjoy the head bobbing demo.


Jayne, Isaac, and Becky said...

Hi John,
I wanted to be there for the White Trash song contest, but I couldn't pull Isaac and Becky out of the house. Maybe next time. Looks like you had fun!
Jayne and the Barn Doors

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