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Happy New Folk Year

Happy New Folk Year

Happy new year one and all. I would think all is back to normal in work and family, the same applying to your Folk entertainment preferences. The days are getting longer now and in a few weeks we will be looking forward to out door festivals with sun, grass, leaves and the sound of music and storytelling on the breeze. For me it will also mean gliding down a river in my kayak casting left and right pulling small mouth bass out with ease as Ken Willis watches in amazement and decides to write another song about it.

Avalon Nine hit the big time

At last the Avalon Nine CD is out and a good one to I promise. Details of there release party are below.

Avalon Nine’s CD release party

Sat., Jan. 9th at 9pm at

Victorian’s Midnight CafĂ©

251 W. 5th in Columbus (at 5th & Neil)

Come out for a night of music, celebration & thanks to

friends & family who made “Miss Ohio” possible.

Music by Avalon Nine from 9pm to 12:30 am.

No Cover! CD’s $10

Musical guests include Brian Szuch (electric guitar, dobro, mandolin);

Rebecca Stansbury (violin); Mike Hale (bass); vocalist Linda Rudy;

Singer/songwriter Rj Cowdery; and acoustic duo “Melodic.”

“Miss Ohio” is collection of nine songs reflecting the

life & landscape of Ohio by songwriters such as Gillian Welch,

John Hartford, Rj Cowdery, and Steve Earle and Jeff Hartley (I added that one JL)

E-mail Linda & Dave (Avalon Nine) at:

♪ ♫ Thanks for supporting live music! ♪ ♫

Death of a pioneer (From the New York Times)

Tim Hart, Folk-Rock Musician, Dies at 61

MADRID (AP) — Tim Hart, a founding member of Steeleye Span, one of the first British folk-rock groups, died Dec. 24 in La Gomera in the Canary Islands, where he had lived since retiring from music. He was 61.

The cause was lung cancer, his daughter, Sally Hart, said.

Mr. Hart first gained fame in a musical partnership with the singer Maddy Prior in 1966. The duo recorded two albums of English folk songs, on which he sang and played guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, banjo and violin.

A few years later Mr. Hart and Ms. Prior joined with the bassist Ashley Hutchings, who had been an original member of the folk-rock band Fairport Convention. At Mr. Hart’s suggestion the band they formed with two other musicians was named Steeleye Span, after a character in a Lincolnshire folk song, “Horkstow Grange.”

Steeleye Span, which recorded its first album in 1970, played a distinctly British brand of folk-rock, more tradition-oriented than the American version being made by Bob Dylan, the Byrds and others. The group had most of its chart success in Britain but gained a loyal following in the United States, especially after touring the country in the mid-1970s as the opening act for Jethro Tull.

Mr. Hart left Steeleye Span in 1983 but performed with the group at a charity concert in 1995. Last year he and Ms. Prior appeared together at a BBC concert in London.

While living on La Gomera, Mr. Hart became active as a photographer. He called the island “my inexhaustible subject” and took the photographs for an English-language guide to La Gomera that he published in 2004.

Mr. Hart is survived by his wife, Connie, and a daughter and son from a previous marriage.

Message from Halfway Home

Happy 2010!!! Are you set to get on with a new year? Halfway Home is getting ready with some exciting new music and lots of chances to play already booked. We are confirmed for more shows in Berlin, Ohio up in Amish country, as well as a return engagement at Clifton opera House in April. We have a couple of gigs at the Shamrock Club in Columbus early in the year, the Central Ohio Folk Festival, as well as summer shows booked for the Newark Mayor's Concert series and a couple of sets at the Ohio State Fair.

We have a few other things still in the works, but it looks like 2010 will be a very busy one for us - lots of chances to see all of you again, and to meet more music fans all over the state.

Of course, as the New Year dawns, there is plenty of reflection on how all of us can improve going forward. For instance, Brian resolves to keep on working on more innovative lead guitar licks and to show up for rehearsals on time. Patti promises to keep bringing her tremendous energy to performances, and to keep everything anyone could possibly need in her van (need a band-aid or corkscrew or a metric socket set - no problem....).

Mike will keep on bringing the sound and light gear and keep it in good working order, but makes no promises on the whole haircut thing. Renilda will keep on holding everything together with her solid bass playing, and will try not to hit anyone with the bass when they get out of line. Which brings us to Patrick......?

He has resolved to not buy any more accordions, but beyond that, there are sooooooo many areas of improvement to be addressed we don't know where to start. Here's your chance to contribute to the improvement of early 21st century civilization. We will welcome and consider any and all resolutions you may suggest for Patrick - whether they concern musical skills, personal hygiene, or any other behavior modifications he may need to make. He won't listen to the rest of the band; we are hoping that he will take seriously some constructive suggestions from people like you who have observed his public behavior. We appreciate any help you can provide.

In the meantime, we are looking forward to seeing all of you sometime soon - you can help us make 2010 the best year yet. (We'll get back to you on the suggestions for Patrick's self improvement... and send out an email or two highlighting a few of the best ideas.)


Patti, Renilda, Brian, Mike & Patrick

Halfway Home

Here is one for fun

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