Thursday, October 8, 2009

Winter folk music for Folkies

Winter folk music for Folkies

As winter comes on we are not going to be short of music and storytelling. Let us try and do a cross pollination. Let the Music Folkies go to the up coming storytelling event Tellabration and the Storytellers go to a Folk Society Concert evening at the Bookshop. Everyone could then see how much in common we have and have a good time at each others event.

(Photo) Spot Yours Truly 25 years ago

Guitars Galore

If there is a guitar you have never seen a photo of and you would like to see what it looks like go here. You could spend a lot of time and money in this place.

Spider Capo

When you have purchased that expensive guitar and you want to get technical here is the capo to do it.

So you think you are a drummer?

Try this

A message from Halfway Home

Oh baby, it's cold outside - at least too cold to schedule live music performances after sundown. So, Doug and Rebecca at Areopagitica Books - located at 3510 N. High St in Clintonville - have graciously given our little band of wayward musicians a place to play this coming Saturday evening.

Halfway Home will be playing music in a real building with walls, doors and a roof. We've had a great time playing outdoor festivals and concerts for the past few months, but now it's time to put on our shoes and act like civilized people again. Can we pull this transformation off? Can we actually play without worrying about the threat of rain and wind?

Why not join us this coming Saturday evening at 7:00 pm and see for your own self if we can make it happen. Areopagitica has been one of our favorite places to play for the past couple of years, and we're happy to be asked back......apparently Doug and Rebecca have forgotten some previous manifestations of minor character flaws and/or judgment lapses exhibited by certain band members in public at their establishment. The good folks at Areopagitica have an amazing eclectic selection of books, so be sure to come early (or stay late) and buy a book or two.

Admission is free, but there will be a tip "container" prominently displayed where you can contribute to our continued delinquency. Please buy some books with a large denomination bill (say a $50 or a $100 bill) and then throw your change in the tip jar.

Here's the kicker - besides some pretty decent music, we have just been informed that there will be CAKE !!!!! That's getting to be sort of a tradition when we play at the bookstore, we always manage to bring a really big, and really good cake. Rebecca says the sugar buzz inspires the audience and is good for business. Truth is, we just like cake.

So pack up the kids and some friends and bring them out this coming Saturday evening for a really good time at Areopagitica Bookstore with Halfway Home, and a really big cake!!!!

See you soon,

Patti, Renilda, Pat. Mike & Brian


Message From Frank McGarvey

Storytelling Meeting
I am sorry but I am unable to put out the newsletter before the Meeting, which is this Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009. it is still at 10:30 in the Aeropegitca Bookstore, 3510 N. High, one and a half blocks north of East North Broadway.
It promises to be a great meeting. Come and tell about your experiences with graveyards, Ghosts, Haints and Spooks.

Frank Mcgarvey
Storytellers of Central Ohio
2780 Atwood Ter
Columbus Oh 43211-1170
(614) 268-0532

Be Scared to Death

I will be Storytelling on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 at Oakland Nursery Delaware from 12 pm until 3 pm come along for free food, hot drinks, pumpkin painting and music from Loosely Strung. I will lay down money that they will do The Battle of New Orleans when they see me walk down the path

Message from Larry Staats


Saturday October 10th is the SOCO membership meeting at 10:30 AM and the Worthington Fall Festival on the SE Green in Old Worthington. Last year some of us went to the Fall Festival, in the afternoon, and told some stories and advertised SOCO. If you are able and willing to appear at the festival and do the same this year, let me know as soon as you can at the above email address. Thanks.

Here are some of the details, etc.:

1) Time: 1:30 until we're through;

2) Info: More information about the Fall Festival:
(This info is really for 2009 not 2008)

3) Parking: You may have to park two or three blocks away from the Village Green, so be prepared;

4) Outside: This is an outside event, so, if it is raining, there won't be anyone there;

5) Map & Picture: See the attached PDF files.

Thanks again.

Larry Staats

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