Thursday, October 15, 2009

Folk information for folkies

Marathon Music

Sunday is the Columbus marathon and CFMS will be there to help the runners along. For some years now the CFMS has supported the marathon by providing musicians to play for the runners. We have a slot open if anyone would like to take it. You can have a 30 to 45 minute spot and sing to your hearts content. Contact me for information.

Photo Mike Powers
Once again sound is being provided by Mike Powers, the master of the digital reverb. Performers include At Whits End, The Hollow Bodies and John Locke. We will be playing from 9am until 12pm. The location is below. Make sure you are there early because the roads will be blocked off.,+Columbus,+OH+43210&gl=us&ei=pv-_Sv-CNIKV8Aap4_GUCA&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1

Ken Parker Guitars

Here is an article on Ken Parker guitars. A very nice looking axe, but how does it sound. Anyone know?


If you want hear some of the best storytellers on Ohio, Tellabration is the place to be.

NOVEMBER 21, 2009
$7.00/adults, $5.00/seniors, students &
SOCO members; $4.00/under 12 years
For more Information please call:
Frank at (614) 268-0532
For this event, a grownup is considered someone who can
comprehend and appreciate a 90 minute concert of
diverse and entertaining stories
Storytellers of Central Ohio is a non-profit organization.
This program is presented in arrangement with the National Storytelling

Give the Schomburgs a week and they will be doing this.

A message from Halfway Home

Time to fire up the ol' van and Brian's race car and head up to visit our friends at the Honky Tonk House in Streetsboro, Ohio this coming Saturday.

The genial host, Jay, and hostess, Tammy, are going to present Halfway Home at one of their Honky Tonk House Concerts on Sat. Oct. 17th, and you're invited !!! What's this HTHC thing all about? Well, picture a Super Bowl potluck party with lots of good food, cold beverages, and fun people - except instead of the ball game, you get a live music show instead - in Jay & Tammy's house.

There is an admission charge, the amount of which totally escapes me right now, and the cash collected goes to the band - now that's a noble cause if we ever heard of one. Actually it's $10 per person and since it's a potluck, you might want to bring some Doritos, Oreos, or a nice pie - we had cake last week.

We know we have some friends in northeastern Ohio, and here's a chance to see the band in a very intimate and casual atmosphere, and to meet some pretty hardcore music fans in the bargain. We played at the Honky Tonk House last year, and it was a very knowledgeable and receptive audience - and they still didn't ride us out of town on a rail.

The address is 1025 Montclair Drive - Streetsboro Oh. 44241. Last year we mapquested it and found the place on the first try, so you should give that a shot. The garage door opens at 7:00, and music starts at 8:00.

Hey, even if you live in Columbus, and missed us last weekend at the bookstore, gas up the car and come on up - we'll be glad to see your smilin' faces, and Jay and Tammy will treat you like long lost rich relatives.

Call 330-626-2961 to let them know you're coming, and to clear up any questions about directions.......this is going to be a real nice time !!!

Hope to see you soon,

Renilda, Patti, Pat, Brian, & Mike


Saturday 17 Oct at the Book Shop
A chance to hear the new songs that The Hard Tackers have been working on. If you want a good sing along they will be performing at 7pm. They will be followed by Second Wind a very good multi instrumental duo who are very good. They do some very nice interpretation of a good selection of songs.

Areopagitica Books
3510 N. High Street
Photo: The Hard Tackers

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Guitarless said...

Hi Folkies,
Regarding the Ken Parker article, if you go to his site you can find quite a few online samples of the guitars' sounds (click on 'Listen'). While they're only MP3s they give a fair idea.

Thanks for the mention.