Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Historic Week for Folkies.

Historic Week For Folkies.

Click the link below for an article on the 50th Newport Folk Festival.


The 90th birthday celebrations for Pete Seeger were on WOSU television the other night, the DVD would be worth buying. It was a great show.

NPR are giving a free folk sampler CD, here is some information.


So you think you are having a dance party on your own.

The information above is a good example of what this blog is about. Help spread the word about this blog. Pass it on to your music friends and encourage them to sign up. The more people signed up the better it is for all of us.
All performers out there, tell your mailing list about this blog and ask them to sign up. It will take a short amount of time, but would help so much in promoting this blog and it's contents.

Birthday Party.

September 3rd will be the 4th birthday of the now Ashville Open Stage. We will have our usual birthday party with all the normal stupidity. Book the date now and bring along your party piece.
New Comers to Ashville Open Stage

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