Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Folk Jam on the move for Folkies

The Biggest Jam Session in Columbus to Move.

This is a great Jam Session, I have been only once because of my commitment at Ashville Open Mic on the same night, but I can tell you it is not to be missed if you are into Jam sessions. Al and the rest of the organizers are doing a fantastic job. Once again The Book Shop is coming to the fore.

The following from Larry Staats.

Another of our Local Jam Sessions is the Maennerchor/Westerville Jam Session
currently occurring at the Columbus Mennerchor, 966 South High Street, Columbus, OH from
about 7:00 to 10:00 PM each Thursday evening. Starting the first Thursday in September, the
Jam will be switched to the Areopageticia Bookstore, at 3510 North High Street, Columbus,
OH, also from about 7:00 to 10:00 PM.
This Jam Session has been going for about ten years. It first started in a coffee shop
in Westerville. One Thursday we showed up and the coffee shop was closed. So, we went next
door to a pizza shop and asked if we could play there. We were accepted and played there for
sometime until the pizza shop was sold. The new owner didn’t want us so we moved about one
block away to the basement of a former church which was then a tea shop. The tea shop went
out of business and we moved upstairs. Ultimately the tea shop was sold to a Martial Arts
group and we had to move again. For a short time we played at a real estate office on North
High Street and then moved to the Columbus Mennerchor. Now the move is to the
Areopageticia Bookstore.
For more information contact Al Balasco at or Carroll
Cleek at

Check out the calendar for a full list of what is on.
Keep sending the information.

Thank you to all the people who send me information. Please do not be offended if I do not use what you send. The usual reason is that it has already been covered. Just keep sending. I always try to give the by line so people get credit for the work they do. A good example is Larry Staats, that man puts in a lot of time and energy for music and dance and it should be recognised.

Ashville Open Mic Birthday Party September 3rd

Email your old photo's in advance of the party. Any that show you in days gone by. Ed the Viking is going to put them on a loop and we will have them rotating on the big TV screen for all to see.

I am also looking for volunteers for a sketch. Let me know.

Below are a number of video's to make you smile or gasp in amazement.

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