Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Video's photo's and news for Folk people

Video's photo's and news for Folk people

Here you go Folks, the first official photo of The Hard Tackers. They will be appearing Saturday night 25 July 2009

Areopagitica Books 3510 N. High Street Clintonville Ohio 614-268-5094 at 7pm

A wicked looking bunch of Jack Tars to avoid in any dark harbour.

Come on down to the bookshop and sing along to the songs of the sea.

On a lighter note watch this video for a touch of class.

Any of you with a Gibson Guitar? Is it a fake? Find out in the here.

Jam Session

There is a regular jam session at the Worthington Market on Saturday mornings. Larry Staats is IC. Having been there I can tell you it is a good time.

Bexley Music on Main

Friday 24 July at Starbucks on Main St Bexley will be worth a visit. If you have not seen the Hollow Bodies this is your chance. A group of 60s groupies pumping out Rock and Roll. Great Fun. The event starts at 7pm with yours truly opening at 7pm and the Hollow Bodies on at 8pm until 9pm.

See you there.

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