Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Folk Music Action

Sorry for not keeping in touch but the photo's below say why. I had a few days kayaking and fishing with singer song writer Ken Willis and around thirty others. There was representation from West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and all parts of Ohio. In the evening the guitars and the beer came out around the camp fire and we had good time, despite the weather on the first few days.

Ken was the organizer and he did an extraordinary job. Imagine trying to arrange for people to go to places they have never been before, do the float and have a vehicle waiting for them five hours later.

A message from Larry Staats

This Sat., June 20, is the Worthington, OH, Arts Festival, on the Green at the intersection of Rt. 161 & Rt. 23, in the center of Old Worthington. Some of you will remember that last summer we played music on the South East Green at the Farmer's Market and various festivals in Worthington to have a good time and also to raise a little money for the Society. We will start doing the same thing again starting on Saturday July 11th.

However, the Arts Festival, on June 20th, is another opportunity to jam and also collect a little money for CFMS. Chris Boles (614-766-2382) will be there with the "Tip Jug" to start around 10:00 am. So, come on out and play, have a good time and support Folk Music all at the same time. For this event only, we'll have to play at the benches on the North end of the South East Green. A place to park might be at the Griswold Center, just North of the Green on the West Side of High Street/Rt. 23. Keep up the good work.

A Message from Tom Nagel

Folks--please pass this along to the CFMS and Maennerchor folks. I don't have all the email addresses.

This weekend is the Washboard Festival in Logan Ohio---a Festival that not only tolerates but celebrates a form of alleged music with which I am afflicted.

I am writing to see if any or all of y'all are interested in forming an impromptu kamikaze jug band and crashing the festival.

Anyone who is interested, email back to me; leave your phone number as well.

Just for a laugh.
(After three attempts to embed this I will give you the link.)

Here is the line up for the Three Creeks Metro Park Festival.

Not the order of play, but the line up.

Bill Cohen -
Joanie Calem -
Larry Drake -
Hardtackers -
Hank Arbaugh -

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