Thursday, May 14, 2009

Folk Music Good Times For Folkies

Folk Music Good Times For Folkies

Something is going on besides the good weather coming. Following a very well attended Central Ohio Folk Festival the calendar is filling up very quickly. If music be the food of love, play folk music.

It was so nice to see
Jacque Morgan out and about again after a long lay off. She was a surprise visitor to the Ashville Open Stage last week and it was a pity we could not persuade her to perform. Jacque is a long time singer song writer and has written some very good songs. She is a frequent visitor to Nashville and has become friends with some of the best writers.

While we are on the subject of Open Stage I hear that the Open Stage at the Espresso Yourself in Powell is going from strength to strength. Dick Plunk who is now running the evening tells me they have been having some very good audiences. I always enjoy my visits there and would recommend it to everyone.

The Hard Tackers on the lookout.

The Hard Tackers Shanty Team have now built up a decent set list and are looking for local free gigs to hone their chops.
Book them now, or you will not be able to when they take off and are doing radio, TV, Carnegie hall, the Royal Albert Hall and the Columbus Folk Music Society Coffee House. Guitar Players Treat Go here for some of the best acoustic guitar players.

Mid-Ohio Foodbank benefit.

A message from KNOT FIBB'N
Hello -

Just a quick note to thank everyone that came out Saturday night to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank benefit. Before the show even started, we had many seats filled, and from 6:30 to the end it was standing room only! The bands were all extraordinary, as were the sound, facilities, and donated raffle items. We raised well over $3,000, and several folks have suggested this be an annual event - so stay tuned!

If you missed out, you can still donate. Send contributions to:

Claire Badger
Mid-Ohio Foodbank
1625 W Mount St
Columbus, OH 43223

Please include a note that your donation is to go to the Central Ohio Celtic Musicians Fighting Against Hunger. Let's see if how much more money we can raise!

An incentive: for every $1 you send in, MOFB can buy $8 worth of groceries. A $20 donation therefore purchases $160 worth of food for a family in dire need. You can make a tremendous difference with even a small donation. And 36% of the population served by MOFB and its subsidiaries goes to CHILDREN. A recent report stated that, in Ohio, almost 1 out of 4 children are in need of food. You can help them right now by donating.

A special shout out to some folks that were tremendous help:

Ann Fisher, Boyce Lancaster, and Chris Konik - they kept us entertained and informed betwixt and between the amazing musical acts.
Ladies of Longford, Halfway Home, Changeling, folks from Yankee Celtic Consort and Drowsy Lads, as well as my own bandmates from Knot Fibb'n; wow - what talent we have in Central Ohio!
Molly Byrne and Tammy Dearing for volunteering for the committee and allowing me to torture them for months with questions and requests.
Frank Doyle, Tony and all the staff and officers at the Shamrock Club. They donated the space, and I'm quite grateful.
Murt Byrne for tearin' it up on the sound board and making the bands sound absolutely fabulous, as well as Pat Fallon for assisting with equipment set up.
Tim O'Neill for donating his amazing visual talents and designing a most worthy poster.
Mary Wood, Gary Dearing, Ashton Dearing, Diana Navy, Judy Fasone and Stuart Brand for volunteering time and muscle.
All of the donors (see attached list if you'd like to frequent their business/services!).
All the folks that came out and lent their heart, money and energy (and perhaps a few brain cells) to an amazing cause.
And lastly, anyone I forgot to mention that made the evening so magical!

Hope to see you next year at the event. In the meantime, if you're on Facebook, join the group Central Ohio Celtic Musicians Fighting Against Hunger to stay updated on what's going on, discussions, etc.

Blessings to you and yours. May those reading this never need the services we're trying to help.

Beth, Tim, Renilda & Karl KNOT FIBB'N Acoustic Celtic With a Kick!

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Chris Bare said...

Espresso is fun. Playing tonight at 7. Come on out and sing along with me. - Chris Bare