Monday, May 25, 2009

Ashville Drugs Raid No Folkies Involved.

You may have seen that there was a drug rain in Ashville last Thursday night. The Open Stage was not involved although sound man Dave Rainey, (Soon to be appearing at the Columbus Folk Music Society Coffee House at the book shop with daughter Megan and Jen.) was interviewed on television and asked his opinion. Dave being recognised as the unofficial mayor of Ashville supported the police action and stated that the good people of Ashville were there in the beginning and will still be the ones left when the dregs of society have left. He is now know as Dave the walking sound bite.

It led to an interesting night. Lots of banter back and forth along with songs about drugs. Here are a few photos just to give you and idea of the interesting and fun things that happened.

Here is the toad worn by Jeff Hartley to carry his pics etc in. There is a sad toad story behind it that only Jeff can tell.

Donna played what I though she said was a Macedonian guitar. A very interesting instrument with 5 strings. This I was told was the original head design for the modern electric guitar. There is some very nice inlay that the photos do not do justice to.

First time at Ashville for Tess who is an excellent singer song writer. Her performance thrilled the audience.

Another newcomer to Ashville was Dan. He writes some very good instrumentals and is usually accompanied with his wife on vocals, for this evening she was in the audience looking after the grandchild.
Part of the Thursday night audience show their appreciation.
The Rainey's are at the Coffee House at the book shop on Saturday night. There will also be an open mic spot by the Hard Tackers Shanty Team. If you have no idea what a shanty is them Saturday is the time to find out.
This is the last coffee house until the Fall. Keep a lookout for the outside venues that will come up through the summer.
Keep the gig dates and article coming, I have had some good comments about the information that is available, there have also been comments posted on the blog itself. Feel free to post good or bad comments. It helps to keep the blog in the right direction.

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