Thursday, April 9, 2009

Special Plug for a Special Folkie

Special Plug for a Special Folkie.

Mike Hale a Cajun Blue member will be familiar to many of you. You may also have seen him in Halfway home. You may also have seen him as part of a duo with Larry Raemy. You may also have seen him behind the sound board at various events.

Not only did he work all last Saturday afternoon and evening getting ready and doing sound for the Folk Festival Fund Raiser, but he also turned up on Sunday morning to run sound for The Hard Tackers at the opening of the Santa Maria. People like Mike Hale are the backbone of the folk movement, I just want to ask you that the next time you see mike Hale pat him on the back and say "Thanks Mike"

You can also support him Saturday night 11April at the Book Shop. See below.

Cajun Blue

Hello music lovers and all around culture junkies - it's Cajun Blue here,
with great news for all of you craving the happy sounds of Louisiana swamp
music right here in Central Ohio. Thanks to a loophole in the State of
Ohio's mandatory sentencing laws, and one really slick attorney, all of the
members of Cajun Blue will be available for a show at the Areopagitica
Bookstore on the evening of Saturday, April 11th - at 7:00pm. The bookstore
is located at 3510 North High St. in Clintonville.

Cajun Blue was pretty happy with the turnout at Areopagitica a few weeks
back, and we had a great time playing for, and visiting with, an energetic
and appreciative group of folks - including the store owner, Doug Rutledge,
who was celebrating his "25th" birthday that evening. The only minor flaw in
the whole evening was the failure on the part of audience members to come up
with something for Powerful Pierre to give up for Lent. As of right now,
he's still struggling to figure out something to "retroactively" give up -
before Lent's over for another year. We want to thank everyone for their
suggestions - we think it very important the Pierre makes every effort to
become a better person.

Cajun Blue has been working on new songs for everyone's listening and toe
tapping pleasure. Bassist Mike Whited is steadfastly sticking to his refusal
to sing a solo. Our lead guitar/mandolin/resonator guitar player, Maury, has
given up putting cups of coffee on his amplifier during sound check. Rhythm
guitarist/vocalist, Mike Hale is taking an on-line course in French so he can
sing harmonies with our outstanding lead vocalist, the mysterious Josephine.
In the meantime, our fiddler, Rachel Frank, is being fitted for several
masks and disguises so that her association with Cajun Blue doesn't
interfere with her pursuit of legitimate employment in the music field when
she graduates in June. Powerful Pierre is just glad to be a free man on the
11th of April.

All of us will be thrilled to see your smiling face at the Areopagitica
Bookstore. Bring a friend (or two or seven) and help us have a little fun
with some Cajun/Zydeco music. Come early to browse the amazing selection of
books that the store has - at really great prices.

Admission is free, but the usual and customary tip vat (that's bigger than a
tip jar) will be set out. All proceeds this for this gig will go to help
defray the cost of Rachel's disguises - after damage fees from a gig at a
recent private party are covered.

See you on the 11th !!!!!

Cajun Blue
Josie, Rachel, Maury, MIke 1, Mike 2, and Pat

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