Thursday, March 26, 2009

Important Weekend for Folkies and Folk Music.

Important Weekend for Folkies and Folk Music.

There will be bargains and excellent entertainment at the bookshop on Saturday night for the CFMS coffee house.

Saturday night is the Live Auction, the completion of the silent auction to raise money for the Central Ohio Folk Festival in May.

There are always lots of very good items including musical instruments that are not to be missed. Following the auction are the one and only Mustard's Retreat. Mustard's Retreat have been big supporters of the Festival over the years and are very popular.

For this event you need to be there early, or you will be standing at the rear, I kid you not. Provision is being made for a speaker to be installed in the front of house so people who can not get in the concert room can hear.

The Bob Kirby Scholarship In Traditional Music, 2009
Any young musicians out there who are interested in this scholarship there will be information available at the Coffee House on Saturday night.

Contact the Secretary for information

Larry Dougherty614-261-9579Email:

Home Truths From Halfway Home

And so it begins...2009 is getting off the ground "in earnest" for Halfway Home in just a few short days. Saturday April 4th, to be precise, is a date the band has been looking forward to through the past few months of snow and ice and cold weather. Rehearsals have continued to be fun, and despite various members' having to deal with an increasingly senile and habitually inattentive accordion player, we've gotten a bunch of work done.

All of which brings us to Saturday, April 4th. Halfway Home will be sharing the stage with two of our favorite bands - At Wit's End, and Knot Fibb'n. The location for this joyous musical evening is the Shamrock Club, located at 60 West Castle Rd. in Columbus. The event is a fundraiser for the Central Ohio Folk Festival. There will be more about the festival as the time draws near - we will tell you that the festival will be happening on May 1st through May 3rd at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park.

So, the deal is that it takes a good bit of cash to make a festival happen, and one of the ways they raise that money is by having a bit of a "preview" of some of the festival performers a few weeks in advance. This being a fundraiser, there is a suggested donation of $10.00 at the door - and all proceeds go directly to the festival itself.

Doors open at 6:30, music starts @ 7:00 and runs until @ 10:00 or 10:30. There is plenty of free parking, and the Shamrock Club Pub is open downstairs - so there will be refreshments available throughout the evening.

We're really happy to be doing this show with At Wit's End and our pals from Knot Fibb'n. Fred, Pam & Char (At Wit's End) do some wonderful songs, and it's fun to see the chemistry between the members - two of whom are charming and refined, one of whom plays guitar very well.

Knot Fibb'n is a very talented Celtic group - and they've been together going on 12 years. We let them use Renilda (our bass player) to play accordion in their band. Beth Hicks, Tim O'Neill, and our favorite recording engineer - Karl Wohlwend round out the personnel in Knot Fibb'n.

Come on out and support the Central Ohio Folk Festival, listen to some fine tunes, go down to the pub for a cold beverage, and be ready to have a good time. We've got a few new songs, as well as some of your favorites from past seasons and we can't wait to play for you.

See you soon,

Patti, Renilda, Brian, Mike & Pat


Foot Notes

There is now a Shanty Team in town.

The Hard Tackers will be playing their first gig in April. Watch this space.

Look out for an interesting article from Bill Cohen next week.

Yet another concert not to be missed, information next week.

It's all happening folks.

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