Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Book Shop Tonight

OK - we know the constant changes in the weather are making everyone just a little nuts, and losing that hour of sleep last weekend has a lot of otherwise balances folks a little bit on edge.

How's a body supposed to cope? Your 401k isn't worth enough to get you through the White Castle drive thru, your new health insurance plan just upped the co-pay on your tranquilizer prescription to like $85.00 for two weeks worth of pills, and you're thinkin' about enlisting in the Coast Guard because you can't afford gas to drive to the damn sea shore this summer.

Wait - before you jump in front of that bus, or sign the paper at the Coast Guard recruiting station, please consider that there is something good to look forward to!!!! Actually, my friend, something great to look forward to on Saturday, March 21st at Areopagitica Books up in Clintonville.

Doug and Rebecca have gone and done it again - they've arranged for a wonderful evening of musical entertainment that is guaranteed to make you smile - and maybe even tap your foot, and sing along. They have booked the duo of Larry Ramey and Mike Hale to blow you away with some awesome songs, great harmonies, and some pretty fair pickin' on various stringed instruments. These guys are terrific - their chemistry that has come from several years of playing and singing together is sure to leave you wanting more.

And more, you shall have. That same evening will also include a set by a veteran singer/songwriter from Columbus, who needs very little introduction to local music fans. Terry C Keller will be playing a bunch of his amazing original songs, and the occasional cover of an old standard or two. This gentleman is the "real deal" as a songwriter and performer - great chops on the guitar, and a warm and engaging stage presence that gains him new fans every time he plays.
So there you have it - a surefire cure for what ails ya', and if you're already feeling good, your smile will be a whole lot bigger by the end of the evening.

The music begins at 7:00pm, and runs to around 9:00 or thereabouts. Admission is free, be let us gently remind you that there will be a receptacle of some sort put out in a discrete location into which tips for the performers may be deposited by appreciative audience members.

Speaking of appreciation, we need to say a quick word about the Areopagitica Bookstore (located at 3510 North High Street) - and the continuing support of live folk music, poetry readings, and theatre productions that these great people are providing. It has become a really active cultural resource in the Clintonville area, and is very deserving of your support and patronage. Come to the show early and browse their selection of books - you do remember books, don't you? Their collection is sure to have something of interest for just about everyone, and their prices can't be beat. If you sign up for their email list while you're there, you will get occasional reminders about the various events going on there, and get the occasional coupon for a discount on their already reasonably priced books.

Come out on Saturday, March 21st for some wonderful music, and take home a book or two - it'll make your family think you're real smart.

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