Friday, February 13, 2009

From one group of Folkies to another.

From one group of Folkies to another.

Sorry if things seemed to be a little slow the last week but there is good reason. I have been in Florida. I spent some time with some folkie friends from the past. In fact nearly forty years in the past. Andy Brownlie and George Galagher were the two people who started me off in folk music so many years ago. It was new years eve 1970 when it was suggested a group of us go to a Folk Club. I had no clue what a Folk Club was, but being me, I was up for anything. After twenty minutes I was hooked. I have to say it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Folk music has given me years of pleasure and countless friends. The photo on the right proves five men can look after themselves. New friends gained on the trip are Dave and Francis front left and right.

Andy and I met in Las Vegas three years ago while he was over here on vacation, he has since bought a house in Orlando and came over with George and two other friends for a golf vacation.
For a sample of their work go here: Andy is front left George is front right. These are the two people to blame for my being involved the music scene.

News and Events

Here is a note from Half Way Home

Here's hoping you've all thawed out for the moment - but don't put those coats and sweaters too far back in the closet yet - it's still February!!!

I'm sure many of you think that Halfway Home probably heads to Florida in the winter to eat grapes on a beach and mindlessly fritter away our millions of dollars......but you'd be confusing us with someone else entirely.

Actually, we have been very busy over the past couple of months working on new material for our shows this spring and summer, and keeping the "marketing" effort going to make sure we have shows to play. The results of those efforts are starting to take form - if you check out our 2009 calendar on our website,, you will see that we are looking to put a few miles on the various vans, jalopies, race cars, mopeds and roller skates that we will use to get to gigs this year.

Besides the usual rehearsing and brainstorming that happens with us this time if year, we have been fairly busy with other musical projects. Renilda is resting up for the annual St. Patrick's Day madness that happens for Knot Fibb'n. Brian has been doing some "guest" guitar work for Grace Adelle, and The Great Mad Hoax - as well as with our pals Dave & Linda in Avalon 9. In his spare time, Brian has also been producing a CD for singer/songwriter Larry Pennington. Mike and Pat have played on a few cuts of that CD, which is being recorded by Karl Wohlwend - the talented engineer who recorded our CD "Better Days". Mike and Pat are also working in a new Cajun band called Cajun Blue - because there are seven nights in a week and if you're not rehearsing music somewhere, you might get bored.....or sleep, or something silly and healthy like that.

The bottom line is - we're really getting pumped for another season of the fun and joy that comes when we get to play music with people we enjoy, for people we enjoy. That's where you come into the picture, and you make the effort entirely worthwhile. Please take a moment to check out the 2009 schedule, we're looking forward to getting started and seeing all of you real soon.

We'll be in touch,

Patti, Renilda, Mike, Pat and Brian

A message from Larry Staats

People: If you have any pictures of the 2007 or 2008 Central Ohio Folk Festival, you might send me a few. We are preparing to put some of those two years up on the Festival Web Page. Thanks.

The Story Box Project

There is a lot of information on the Story Box Project. I will do a separate blog on the subject. Keep a look out.

This Weekend.

Yes it is Valentines Day on Saturday and look what is happening at the Book Shop
Love's Many FacesFree Valentine Night ConcertBill Cohen will sing and strum love songs from the past several decades, songs made famous by folks like John Denver, Simon and Garfunkle, Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Jimmy Buffet, Tom Paxton, and Peter, Paul and Mary, songs about all the things love can bring--laughter, tears, joy, pain, betrayal, longing, ecstasy, and even children.
Plus fun and laughs with trivia questions about famous and infamous couples and love songs.
It's a free and informal concert. Bill will accept tips and forward them to the Central Ohio Folk Music Society for its next annual Festival May 1-3.

Light refreshments will be served, too.

Lots more on the Calendar keep the information coming.

This Blog

Please pass this blog on to your friends who may be interested.

There are many people out there who are not aware of what is going on in the folk music scene. We need to spread the word.

Please take some time to help me out by getting your contacts to sign up.


By getting your supporter to sign up you will increase the numbers turning up at your gigs. More people will know about more performers. Your gigs go on the calendar, the information you send me goes on the blog. Look at the message above from Half Way Home. By sending me this they are contacting more people.
I do this for the love of folk music and storytelling, I do not get paid. (I have been asked how much I get) I enjoy doing it, let's expand it. Can you imagine the what would happen to attendance at events if we had a thousand people signed up? A thousand is peanuts. There are 1.6 million in Columbus alone, a good percentage of them would be interested if they new about us.

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