Friday, February 20, 2009

Cajun Explosion for Folk Followers

Cajun Blue Start life.
If you want a new experience then go to the Bookshop on Saturday night for Cajun Blue.
This message from Mike Hale

Attention culture lovers - whether you're ready or not, a new Cajun band is hitting the ground running this Saturday night at (where else?) -Areopagitica Bookstore in Clintonville. Cajun Blue has been out a few times over the past 4 or 5 months, mostly at semi - private functions. This Saturday night they are being turned loose on the general public at Areopagitica - and you really don't want to miss this.The personnel include singer Josie Gonot - (who actually speaks French and sings a lot of the Cajun songs in French), bass player with attitude, Mike Whited, from right around the corner in Clintonville, and Maury Falkoff on mandolin, electric guitar and resonator guitar. Maury builds instruments,and will be playing a resonator guitar he recently built in his workshop.Josie and Mike and Maury all represent the finest qualities available in the human species. They are truly good and decent and talented people.The dark underbelly of the human condition is also well represented by two refugees from Halfway Home - Pat Casey on accordion & vocals and Mike Haleon guitar and vocals. Rounding out the lineup is a truly fine fiddler named Rachel Frank. She apparently comes from a good home, is classically trained on the violin, and does not have a criminal record. Well, come to think of it - maybe she has served time, but Josie never got around to asking her..Anyway, this Cajun/Zydeco music from Louisiana is great fun to listen to, or even to dance along with. It's energetic and the best part is - you won't understand a thing Josie is singing. It'll be like opera without the funny costumes. Cajun Blue does a few songs in English to keep Mike Whited and Maury from getting too confused, Pat and Mike Hale don't pay attention to the songs anyway - even the ones they are singing, and Rachel will be mostly just praying that nobody she knows catches her playing with this seriously disturbed collection of individuals. So if you're looking for a night of great fun and lively music, please come out to Areopagitica at 3510 North High Street. And while you're there, please take a moment or twenty to check out the amazing selection of books - it's a bookstore after all.Music starts at 7:00 and runs to @ 9:00 - admission is free, but there's this whopping big tip jar at the back of the room......See you on Saturday!!!!

Cajun Blue

Any Green People Out There?

I have a friend who is looking for musicians on the 16 and 17 May. Any one interested in giving some time to a worthy cause contact me.

Shanty Session

The CFMS has been asked to do a shanty session down town in the spring.

Anyone like to have a go contact me. It is a one off but who knows what will happen

I have lots of information coming in about events in the spring. I will post as the time comes. The more information you send the better it is.
Keep pluckin and yabin

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