Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Folk Music and Folkie News

Folk Music and Folkie News

Fee or no fee that is the question? I have just turned down a storytelling gig because they wanted me to Tell for free. This was not a charity, but a local business organization. I was then asked if I knew someone who would do it for free. The answer was a definite, NO.

Charity aside. Doing gigs for free demeans you skills and the art you are involved in. It means there is no value in what you are doing.

The argument that it is an opportunity to practise your skills will not hold water. There are many places where you can practise your skills, new material etc. Charity events, promote the arts events, Open mics, The Columbus Folk Music society events, jams, to name the obvious ones. Espresso Yourself Music Cafe in Powell is a wonderful place to hone your skills and try out new material. If you are playing for tips you are getting paid.

Not to long ago I was booked by a school to do a storytelling session, a week later they called to cancel as they had found someone to do it for free. I have no idea who did the gig, but they obviously were not very good, or they would have been confident enough to charge a fee.

I have no doubt the above may offend some people. If so let is have your comments as to why you think otherwise.

A Good Example of Giging for a Charity Event.

The Viking Festival is held each year in Ashville. If you have not been then you must, it is a wonderful experience. Thousands of people, hundreds of stands and events, lots to do.

Here is one of the fund raising events.

Columbus Arts Festival
Go to their web site for detailed information.

THE COLUMBUS ARTS FESTIVAL, JUNE 5, 6, & 7, 2009: In its 48th year, the Columbus Arts Festival is recognized as one of the top visual arts festivals in the country. The Artists' Market consists of hundreds of juried artists from across the United States, as well as a few international artists. Quality food and beverages, hands-on arts activities for the entire family, exhibitions of local student artwork, and two major performance areas round out Columbus' favorite outdoor summer event. Approximately 250,000 people attend each year. The Festival Performance Committee will review all CDs submitted. You will hear from us no later than March 27 if you are selected to perform. If you would like your materials returned, you must enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. You may also pick up your materials between April 13 and April 24, 2009 at our offices. Note that your materials will NOT be available after this date. Please submit ONLY the required materials – photos and articles are not necessary. Supply a separate CD for each application/group.


■ Demo: CD with at least 3 songs (NO cassette tapes!)
■ List of past and upcoming performances
■ Background /biographical information
■ Technical requirements/stage set-up

Please complete this form and return with the materials outlined above
by 5 p.m. Friday, January 16 to:

Performance Committee = Columbus Arts Festival
l 100 East Broad Street, Suite 2250 l Columbus, OH 43215

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Ukulele Man said...

I've done a million benefits BECAUSE I wanted to help a good cause. The payoff was helping the homeless, helping the candidate, supporting the cause. -- Too often the "bottom-line-first" attitude of business and public institutions has played a major part in creating the conditions that created the need for a benefit. -- Lack of respect for humanity and its creative aspects is evident in the mentality that the arts are unimportant and of little value - nice to have around, helpful to the bottom line, but only if they don't cost anything. - I'm with John!!
- Uke Man

Mike Powers said...

I'm not offended. There are sometimes exceptions but you usually get what you pay for.

It's one thing to help a charity or friend, it's another thing for a business to ask someone to work for free and upon the "no I don't work for free" then ask if they know of someone that will work for free. Either they are very arrogant or very stupid.

I agree with John.