Friday, January 30, 2009

Cold and Snow Bound Folkies

The good thing about this weather is that all our gardens look the same.

Many of you will have seen my postings about the Viking Festival in Ashville, well they have started the fundraising for this years festival and if you would like to take a trip down RT 23 to South Bloomfield you could have some fun and help the festival. The Raineys and Bob Ford are your entertainment and it will be a good night.

An extra photo of the Rainey's because they are such a talented family.
An explosive night when I celebrated my birthday and became a citizen
There were 16 performers for the open mic on the night of my birthday and it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves. Go to to see an edited video of the night and don't miss Tom's Queen sketch and Dicks song for me. You may have to scroll down for those.
Keep warm and dry

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