Monday, December 1, 2008

Powerful Pierre ze accordian Folkie

Powerful Pierre ze accordian Folkie

I received the below piece from Pat Casey. I love your style Pat let's have more.

First off I want to thank a lot of you who showed up to our Cajun Blue gig a couple of weeks back - it was a great time. Thank you for supporting live music in Central Ohio.
Cajun Blue is at it again - this time it's a Cajun Christmas blowout at Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley on Saturday Dec. 6th. This event is sponsored by the Bexley Activities Club and Josie Gonot (the singer in Cajun Blue).
The party will feature authentic New Orleans cooking from The Creole Kitchen, a Cajun dance demonstration (by someone besides me), a dramatic reading of "Twas a Cajun Night Before Christmas" (read by someone besides me), and Cajun tunes (as well as a couple or 4 or 5 Christmas carols) played
by Cajun Blue. ......OK, I am in that outfit, but only until Josie's first
pick for accordion player gets a couple of legal matters settled and can get back into the country. For many of our Halfway Home friends, you will be pleased to know that Mike Hale has decided to join up with Cajun Blue and will be playing guitar and generally helping out musically with us from now on (until Josie's favorite guitar player gets out of rehab and does the community service thing in Arizona and Oregon, and Vermont).
Anyway, you gotta' figure anything this extravagant and lavish, featuring world class food and entertainment, in such a respectable venue will be prohibitively expensive. You would be wrong mon frer....(I think that may be sort of French). The whole shootin' match - including food and entertainment and the good company of other cultured and refined individuals such as yerself only costs $10.00. That's ten bucks a head, and if you bring a camera Mike Hale will let you have your picture taken with him at no additional charge. Hell, Maury might even let you look as his mandilon, Mike Whited the bass player will give you an estimate on remodeling your kitchen, Josie will offer you French lessons, and I will be outside smoking - and stashing food in my car.
According to literature I have obtained, which describes this event in detail, you may RSVP to (614) 559-4310. Checks should be payable to B.A.C. Travel and must be received by Dec.3. You can mail checks to B.A.C. Travel at 165 N. Parkview Ave. Bexley, Ohio 43209. (I just figured out that BAC is short for Bexley Activities Club. How about that!!!)
The shindig starts at 6:00pm, and should be over @ 9:00 so you can still hit a couple of bars on the way home. Jeffrey Mansion is located at 165 N. Parkview Ave. in Bexley. The Menu includes your choice of meatloaf, mild chicken sausage jambalaya, or red beans & rice. All entrees will be served with green beans, corn bread muffins, punch and coffe or tea.
Here's the deal - if I had gotten the flyer about this in a nice PDF or Word document, you would have been spared my ramblings and gotten this in a concise and coherent format - oh well, now you know everything I know about this. I hope you can make it!!!
"Powerful Pierre".....ze accordion player.

Nancy Bailey sent this video

You Gob Iron players out there will appreciate this, as will any listener. His version of the William Tell Overture is staggering.

Random Notes

Don't forget if you want to take part in the free "How To Promote Yourself or Your Band" seminar in January let me have the names please.

If you have not seen it the new Ashville Open Mic web site is up and running (Still a long way to go)

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