Friday, December 19, 2008

A good collection of Folk Music for Folkies

A good collection of Folk Music for Folkies

The Columbus Folk Music Society has just about the best collection of folk music web sites you could find.

Go here. and click on Online Traditional Music Collections in the left panel.

This is just one good reason to join the CFMS. Information made available to you, add to that the people you meet plus monthly concerts and you have an organization you need to be a member of. (Photo: CFMS Folk Festival jam session)

Sad News From Britain
This from The Guardian news paper.

Legendary folk musician Davy Graham passed away on Monday. He was 68. Graham's manager Mark Pavey told the Guardian: "He was diagnosed with lung cancer only weeks ago and suffered a seizure at his home at around 3.30pm yesterday."
The guitarist was noted for his role in the 1960s folk revival, and his impeccable acoustic style influenced everyone from Bert Jansch to Paul Simon. Born to a Guyanese mother and a Scottish father, Graham took up the guitar in his teens and was later discovered by blues musician Alexis Korner. Korner once wrote that Graham was "a genuinely gifted guitarist who, rightly, refuses to let himself be fenced into one field of music."
His debut release in 1962, the EP 3/4 AD, contained his most famous composition, Anji. Inspired by his girlfriend at the time, the song took on a life of its own (hence the varied spellings of its title) as it was covered by many artists, including Simon and Garfunkle on their 1966 album Sound of Silence.
Graham is credited with touching on a wide range of influences in his music, particularly jazz and blues, as well as elements from a wider world of sounds, such as Indian or Arabic, that were not particularly well-known at the time.
Pavey said there would be a private funeral held for Graham this week and a public memorial service is being planned for January. Further details of the service will be posted on Davy Graham's website.

Alex leaves Columbus.

One of Ashville Open Mics strongest supporters is returning home to the east of the State following the end of his internship here in Columbus. Alex Niemiec is young singer song writer of immense talent who was given a good send off at the Open Mic Christmas Party. We all wish him well and look forward to seeing him again at some time in the future. I will be posting some of his work in the near future. Photo: Alex
There was lots of fun and laughter at the Ashville Open Mic Christmas Party last night. The thirteen performers showed their versatility and all did something special. There were re written carols, 60 jokes in 60 seconds, special Christmas songs. (I use the term Christmas songs with some doubt). The moment of the night was when our server CJ played Sax. There was the biggest cheer you could imagine. Hidden talent has our CJ. This young lady has endeared herself to the audience with her hard work and cheerful ways.
Yours truly got hit hard as you may imagine. I was sitting down playing concertina and Ken Willis started it by come to the stage with a cup, placed it by my feet and dropped money in saying "Merry Christmas old timer" or words to that effect. There then followed a stream of people coming to the stage to put money in the cup. I just lost it and spent the next few minutes trying to sing and play through tears of laughter. Tom the Ukulele Man has some of it on video if it comes out OK I will post it.
We are supposed to end at 9:00pm we finally got out of there at 10:30pm One heck of a good time.

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