Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Folkie Presents for a Folk Christmas

Folkie Presents for a Folk Christmas

Only a few days left to get that music for a friend or dear one. Or may be an instrument. If you are getting a gift card beware. Make sure the company you purchase from will not be going out of business after the holiday. There is a list going around that tells you the companies that are in danger. Take care.

Thursday is the Ashville Open Mic Christmas party starting at 7pm be early for a seat. Parties are normally full.

Lots of good food at low prices, good drink and good service.

If you want to see me make a fool of myself (Who said "What again") come along. You will see the first playing of my concertina this side of the pond. I have not played for fifteen years and it has been a struggle to get back into it. It should be a laugh if nothing else.

Visit the new web site at http://www.openstage.wetpaint.com/

Reminders: If you have played at the Open Mic let me have your short bio. See the web site for examples.

A number of people have expressed a wish to take part in the free How To Promote Yourself seminar. Please make sure you e mail me, or you will not be counted.

Bob Kirby

From Mike Hale
Bob’s condition is still critical. Doctors had been lessening the ventilator and his sedation but, on Friday, had to increase again. I wish I had some better news! They aren’t allowing visitors in to Bob’s room but cards can be sent to their home.

Bob’s daughter is staying with Billie and I’m sure that hospital food is one of the leading causes of hospitalization so I wondered if we can get some food brought in for them. If you can do something and don’t know how to contact them then please call or email me and I will help facilitate.

And as always, Please keep the whole Kirby Family in your thoughts and prayers!
Message From Halfway Home

Howdy, I mean Ho! Ho! Ho!

Where did that year go? 2008 is pretty much back there in the rear view
mirror, and there were some pretty memorable events that won't fade from our
collective memory any time soon.
We started the year with the news that Patti was going to be out for a while
with neck surgery and did some gigs early in the spring without her amazing
energy and vocals. We missed her a lot, and are really happy she's back and
singing her heart out - "as good as new". We saw a lot of old friends and
made some new ones - including the good folks in Metamora, Indiana who want
us back to help close the festivities on Saturday evening and Sunday
afternoon at their festival over Labor Day weekend in 2009. We'll be back in
Waynesville for the Appalachian Mountain Music Festival in June, and really
can't wait to work with John Noftzger and the Maloney brothers again. We
will hopefully be involved again this year with the Central Ohio Folk
Festival as well.

2008 was the year of the violent windstorm in Berlin, Ohio that nearly blew
us and our instruments down Rt. 62 back in May. It was also the year we met
a truly generous and gracious couple - Jay & Tammy Johnson up in
Streetsboro, Ohio. They host the Honky Tonk House Concert series, and have
some of the most receptive and knowledgeable music fans a band could ever
play for. We got on the radio up in Akron - the Honky Tonk House Concert was
recorded and played on 91.3 "The Summit" by Tom Ball.

We're on You Tube - check out some of the videos on our website, and by
virtue of having covered Cheryl Wheeler's "Gandhi Buddha" on our cd - Better
Days, we have the cd listed and reviewed on her website
http://www.cherylwheeler.com/ . Just go to the Albums section, and look us up.

A lot of good things have happened, and are continuing to happen because we
have been lucky enough to have friends like you support our music. And
speaking of friends, there are no better friends to the folk music scene in
Columbus than Rebecca and Doug Rutledge at Areopagitica books in
Clintonville. Their warm hospitality to musicians and music fans is one of
the reasons we love playing there. The acoustics in their "back room" make
playing and listening there a real joy. We're very happy to let you know
that we are playing there this coming Saturday, December 10, at 7:00 pm.
Take a break from the hectic holiday rush, and stop by for a couple hours of
music next Saturday evening - and while you're at it - take a few moments to
browse through their amazing selection of books. You'll be sure to find
something there that would make a special gift, at a reasonable price.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - we're looking forward to seeing you at
Areopagitica next Saturday (Dec 20th) from 7-9 PM. They are located at 3510
North High St - just north of East North Broadway. We have it on good
authority that there will be cake!!!!!

See you there,

Patti, Mike, Brian, Renilda & Pat


The Peoples Amp

Just in case you are not aware of The Peoples Amp I suggest you take a look and listen. Made by local Folk/Rock/classical, guitarist Karl Wohlwend it sound superb and at a very good price.

I've added some stuff to the website for The People's Amp....check it
out and let me know what you think. I'll be updating the dBMusic
Production site before the end of the year, too, so keep your eyes
Karl Wohlwend
Bookshop Concert.
Saturday night at the Bookshop was a very pleasant evening with Larry Pennington. A most enjoyable performance of Larry's own songs introduced with humor resulted in a good time for a packed house.
Areopagitica Bookshop is such a good venue for this type of event and the owners make every effort to make it a good experience.

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