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Folk Icon not to well

Folk Icon not to well

Some of you will be aware the Bob Kirby is not to well and in hospital. I received the following from Mike Hale.

I heard just heard that Bob Kirby is in Riverside Hospital. He had hurt his knee but started having breathing problems on Thanksgiving Day. On Sat., Nov 29, Billie took him to Riverside. They have not been able to determine the nature of the illness. He has worsened and has been put on a ventilator and placed in a medically-induced coma. They have done this to keep him stable until they can find out the problem.

Please give Billie your support and keep Bob and Billie in your prayers!


I then received an e mail from Bobs daughter.

This note is to let you know that Bob Kirby, my dad, is in the hospital. I am sorry to inform you in this manner but he has so many friends that care that I could not begin to call all of you to request your prayers. He has been in the hospital since Nov. 29th with an unknown type of pneumonia that has caused problems leading to the need for him to be placed on a ventilator. He is stable with this assistance but could use your prayers. Mom and I will know more after further test results are released on Dec. 8th. Please keep us in your hearts and prayers and we will let you know when all is better. We understand that some of you would love to help and come to the hospital but right now it is better for him to rest.

The Kirby Family

p.s. If you have Dad on your email list for forwards I would greatly appreciate if you would temporarily suspend forwarding messages since it is very hard to go through them and determine which are important and which are just for fun.
Thank you,

Bob is one of the first people I met when I came to Columbus and I knew we would get on because he started to make jokes about me being English from the moment we met. He is a big supporter of the Dublin Irish Festival and always works for the Columbus Folk Music Society Festival.

Get well soon Bob my thoughts are with you.

You have got to love bureaucracy, NOT

Free How To Promote Yourself or Band Seminar.

Last call for this free event I will run if there are enough takers.

You may think you know how to promote yourself, but there is always more to learn. This seminar will show how to get more gigs if you are just starting off, or if you are an established band.

E mail me and I will put you on the list and let you know the date and venue.


Information Required

I would like to put a small amount of information on the new Ashville Open Mic web site about anyone who has been to the open mic since the Stagecoach days. If you are one of those people please reply to the information requested below. For examples of the first couple go to http://openstage.wetpaint.com/ then click on Ashville open mic visitors and players, to the left of the home page.

Feel free to look around the web site. Please join as others have started to. I will soon be creating a page for performers to advertise for gigs. This page will only be for people who have performed at the Open Mic in all or any of its forms.

Pass this on to whom ever you like. There are definite advantages in coming to the Ashville Open Mic.


Are you a

Performer. Solo, duo, group etc

Singer song writer

Member of the audience

Area in which you live (Worthington, Dublin, etc)

Comments about the open mic (Good or Bad)

The Following from Larry Staats for information.

Dear Storytelling People

Below is partial list of books I have for sale. Please contact me off list and I will send you an additional list of over 100 books of storytelling and related interest.

Shipping is $4 for 1st book and $1 for each additional book, or $8.00 max. (Books shipped only in USA). If you only want to order one or two paperbacks, I could modify shipping cost.

Many books are in very good or brand new condition. Symbols (H) Hardcover, (LB) Library Book. Your satisfaction on the condition of the books you order is important. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me by email or phone.

Andy Fraenkel (near Wheeling, WV)
304 845 6840 / afraenk@aol.com / www.sacredvoices.com

*Storyteller’s Startup Book, MacDonald $8
*Let’s Make A Memory, G. Gaither & S. Dobson $5
*The Storyteller's Guide, Bill Mooney & David Holt $15
*The Storyteller’s Goddess, Carolyn M. Edwards $6
*The Search for the Beloved, Jean Houston $7
*Women Who Run With the Wolves, Estes (H) $6, (and large paperback) $4
*Every Child A Storyteller: A Handbook of Ideas, Kinghorn & Pelton $12
*A Civil War Treasury of Tales, Legends & Folklore, B.A. Botkin (H - 1960) $12
*Treasury Of Western Folklore, B.A. Botkin $10
*Awakening the Hidden Storyteller, Robin Moore $8
*The Spirituality Of Imperfection: Storytelling & the Search for Meaning, E. Kurtz & K. Ketcham $7
*It Happened In America: True Stories From the 50 States, Lila Perl $6
*Kitchen Table Wisdom – Stories That Heal (NY Times Bestseller) Rachel Ramen $5
*Self, Struggle & Change: Family Conflict Stories in Genesis, Norman Cohen (H) $5
*In The Beginning: Creation Stories From Around the World, Virginia Hamilton (H) $8
*Miss Lea’s Bible Stories For Children, Rosemary Lea (H) $7
*Story Hours With Puppets & Other Props, William Painter (H –LB) $3
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*The Ordinary & The Fabulous: Intro to Myths, Legends, Fairy Tales, Elizabeth Cook (H-LB) $5
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*Tell Me A Tale, Joseph Bruchac (H) $6
*Celtic Tales of the Strange, Joanne Asala $3
*Great Folk Tales of Old Ireland, Mary McGarry (H) $5
*By Loch and By Lin, Sorche Nic Loedhas (H – LB - 1969) $8
*Johnny Appleseed, Eleanor Adkins (H-1943) $8
*Legends of Paul Bunyon, Harold Felton (H- 1947) $12
*Pecos Bill: Greatest Cowboy of All Time, J.C. Bowman (H-LB - 1967) $8
*Indian Myths & Legends (India), K.E. Sullivan $6
*Jack Always Seeks His Fortune, Donald Davis $7
*Hebrew Myths Robert Graves & R. Patai (H-1963) $20
*Invisible Kingdoms: Jewish Tales Of Angels, Spirits & Demons, H. Schwartz (H) $7
*The Spotted Pony – A Collection of Hanukkah Stories, Eric Kimmel H $7
*Jim Henson’s The Storyetller, Anthony Minghella $8
*Folk Tales From Russia, Donal Mackenzie (H – Reprint from 1916) $6
*Folk Tales From Bohemia, Adolf Wenig (H – Reprint from 1923) $6
*East of the Sun & West of the Moon & Other Tales, Asbjornsen & Moe (H-LB- 1966) $12

And my stuff:

For the holiday season my book and CD below are only $7 each (usually $10)
*The Fish Who Wouldn’t Stop Growing & Other Wisdom Stories Of Ancient India– $7
*Sacred Voices (CD) – stories and poems from sacred traditions, w/music $7

*Rime of the Ancient Mariner – my telling for grades 5 and up and includes some of Coleridge’s original text sprinkled throughout (booklet) $4
*The Magic Horn And Other Tales Of Enchantment (booklet of six tales for grades 3 and up) $4A couple of years back I received a WV Artist Fellowship Award in children’s literature in part for these two booklets.

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