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Folk News for Folkies

Folk News for Folkies

The Columbus Folk Music Society has their Monthly concert, jam and open mic this Saturday 25 October. The Featured artist is

Katty Womp Us

With a name like that it is a must go. It all happens at

Areopagitica Books
3510 N. High Street
614-268-5094 Starting with the jam at around 7pm.

Just in case any of you have not been to Areopagitica Books it is the place to be. It is fast becoming the folk arts center of Columbus. During a month you can get music, storytelling, poetry and lots of books. What makes it special are the friendly people you meet their.

All the music below was created form computer sounds. This is either very good or someone needs to get a life.

More on the Columbus Marathon.

I received the below article from Jim Hutter who now and then pops up at the Ashville Open Mic.

OCTOBER 19, 2008

When I first picked up a guitar with dreams of making a career out of music, one of the more appealing aspects was the hours. I looked forward to a life of singing and picking my axe in the evening and late night with nary an early morning in sight. When my band, The Moops, was invited to play The Columbus Marathon on October 19, the situation was quite the opposite. We were scheduled to strike up our first chords at 7:45 AM as the first wave of runners filed past St. Charles Academy in Bexley. That was three minutes before sunrise!

Despite our groggy early morning grousing as we arrived at 6:30 AM, we were quite pumped to play before an estimated 12,000 citizen athletes. Band leader T.J. Hecker made light of the early morning hour by playing in a bathrobe and slippers! Looking remarkably like Hawkeye Pierce, the outfit somehow suited T.J.'s inborn sarcastic nature to a tee.

By 7:35, the first few runners were within eyeshot, so we promptly tuned our guitars and launched into our version of the Jonathan Richman punk classic, “Roadrunner.” As we segued the two-chord song into The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop,” we were pleasantly greeted by a motorcycle policeman grinning and nodding his head in time to our rhythm.

Within the next few minutes, East Broad Street started to resemble that day in 1913 when Columbusites mistakenly thought the Griggs Dam had burst. As thousands of bodies hurled past, many looked our way and pumped their fists in approval of our “Gleefully Obnoxious Rock ‘n’ Roll” tunes. Drummer Rex noted that many were running in rhythm to our beat! No wonder that the organizers of the marathon opted to hire 50 bands to play along the race route.

Of course, the weather should be noted. It was 38 degrees and not exactly the best conditions for stringed instruments. Our guitars went out of tune frequently, but few seemed to notice or care. Rex wore winter gloves as he pounded out our rock steady beat. Even though I wore leather sneakers, my feet were cold. We did not need a smoke machine, as our own breath formed a misty vapor around the sidewalk stage.

Nearly halfway into our set, one of the competitors ran up onto our sidewalk stage and placed a slip of paper into my pocket, advising “Call me sometime” as he fled away. It was none other than my old friend Craig Smith! How serendipitous, to say the least.

As our set progressed, guitarist Sparky got rambunctious and took advantage of his wireless setup. He jumped into the street and ran alongside the sprinters, never missing a lick of his rocking solo. After a little over an hour of our joyful noise, the last few “runners” straggled by followed by the “sag wagon.” We played our closing song, a soulful number called “Whole Lotta Nothing” and wrapped up our set before 9:00 AM!

I had never in my twenty-some years as a local musician ever played so early in the morning—and I cannot recall the last time I had so much fun at that hour

Mike from Halfway Home passed on the information below.

We had a pretty much amazing experience last Saturday at the Cedarville Opera House. It's a great venue, the acoustics are mighty fine, and the people down there are very friendly. It was especially nice to see that some of our friends made the trip. Thanks for coming out!!!

This Sunday we have a rather unique listening opportunity. As some of you may remember, we played up in Streetsboro back in September for the Honky Tonk House Concert series. Tom Ball recorded the evening's festivities and is playing it on his ‘Just Plain Folks' radio show this coming Sunday (Oct. 26th) afternoon. So, if you're not too busy on Sunday, why don't you gather friends and family and dogs & cats, and total strangers around the ol' computer at 3:00pm and give a listen. The broadcast will be available on We had a great time with Jay Johnson and his Honky Tonk House Concert fans, and we actually enjoyed driving Tom Ball crazy with all the sound board channels we use when Halfway Home cranks it up.

Give it a listen if you get a chance.

See you soon,

Patti, Renilda, Mike, Brian & Pat

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