Monday, October 20, 2008

Folk Music Folkies Espresso Yourself.

Folk Music Folkies Espresso Yourself.

Espresso Yourself Music Cafe
Anyone interested in a visit to Espresso Yourself Music Cafe? If you have not been there you should. I thought it would be nice if a number of us paid a visit on their Open Mic night. If you are interested let me know and we will organize a date for us to go. Visit the web site by clicking on the link in the side panel of the blog.

Isaac Barns of The Barn Doors, Runs The Columbus Marathon

The Columbus Folk Music Society once again was represented at the Columbus Marathon. This is becoming a annual event for the society. We were at the seventeen mile marker so I was told and amongst the leaders was Isaac barns a regular marathon runner and lead singer in the folk group Barn Doors. He was going strong when he passed our position, it will be interesting to see where he finished.

It was a cold start with the frost just off the ground at 9 am John and Janet Schomburg were first up and had difficulty on fiddle and guitar with very cold fingers. Being the solid musicians they are they battled on and gave a foot tapping performance as the competitors came past.

(Photo: This is how I would run the marathon)

Next was yours truly, by then it had warmed a little, although I was still wrapped in a warm coat and had cold fingers.

I was followed by, At Witts End with their take on some well known songs. Fred battled on trying to finger pick with cold fingers, but was forced to give up and use a pick.

Last was Mike Powers and John Schomburg who did a light rock set that warmed everyone up. Mike Powers also did sound and did a very good job.

I think the policeman parked next to us went home a little deaf, but I noticed his foot tapping on occasion. There were some impromptu harmonies that were good fun and I would like to thank the Lockettes for their Stirling work during my set.

Eat Your Heart Out Ukulele Man

I love the way people come up with innovations on what they like. It gives us all food for thought. The video below is a good example.

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Good lyrics, a catchy melody, and great beat you can dance to. What more can you ask for? ;-)