Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Weather that Folk Singers write about.

If you are not reading this, I will assume you have not got your electricity back yet. Or something like that. I hope your damage was little, or none and that you are safe and sound.

Mary Miller Concert.

As you may well understand the weather hit the concert hard. Even so thirty plus people came regardless of the weather and helped to make it a wonderful success. The total is not known yet, but as of Saturday night it was just over $1000. Donations are still coming in from people who could not make it.

If you wish to donate please contact my self or Mike Hale and we will see Mary receives your donation.

A big thank you to Vinegar Hill, Tom the Ukulele Man and his Prodigal Sons and Ken Pardee with Larry and Mary. The Shedd Theater, sound men Mitch and Mike, and John Cummins of Post Net, Old State Rd.

They were all wonderful in giving their time and resources.

Finally a big special thank you to the people who turned up on such an evil weather night and gave generously, also to the people who gave generously before the concert night. Vinegar Hill collected over $400 in donations from their contacts. Also to the people behind the scenes who worked the entrance and concessions and helped in the organization.

A big thank you from Mary and myself.
BIRTHDAY PARTY, and a special mention.


(What is crazy the hat or what is underneath it?)
Yes Thursday 18 September is our third birthday party.

We have now been going for three years, it may be at more then one venue but we are still going. The fact that we are still going is down to the regulars who insisted that we had to much of a good thing going to stop. A big thank you from me for your support. You are a great bunch of people and I could not ask for better friends. To Dave Rainey our sound man. You are the best.

The special mention is for Bob Castle who has just had a major operation, he is home and ready to go through post operation treatment. He is determined to be at the party if he feels well enough and I can assure him of a very warm welcome. Get well soon Bob, we have missed you and Rose.

Party Details.

A variety of music by some wonderful performers.

Monty Python, The Arguments Sketch.

The crazy hat competition

Lots of laughter and fun.

Good food and drink at very reasonable prices.

Papa Joe's
20 Cromley St
Ashville, OH 43103

7pm start. Be there early to get a good seat, or to sign up. It will be full.

South on Rt 23 to South Bloomfield

Left at the lights with McDonalds on the corner.

Keep going until you go under the bridge.

Over the traffic lights.

Left onto Cromley St and Papa Joe's is on your right. From 23 to Ashville about 1 mile.

Park on the lot to the left of Papa Joe's. On busy nights we fill the parking lots and or traders are not amused.

It is not our fault if we are popular.

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