Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Folk E Mail Shots for a Folkie

Folk E Mail Shots for a Folkie

Most of you will be aware of the concert for Mary Miller. Below is the poster.

We Need Help. Poster distribution is vital.

Please pass on this url to all on your e mail list and ask them to pass it on.

I will have the posters by Tuesday afternoon 3 Sept. Contact me and see below.

Leave a message on this blog. I ask that because I am having difficulty keeping up with who is sending what. It will also mean we all know what everyone is doing.

I will leave some at

Areopagitica Books
3510 N. High Street

for pick up. Or anywhere you suggest may be central. I will have some with me if you meet me anywhere.

If you have media contacts please let me know, I need them urgent.

Sorry if the poster is small but the blog will not let me make it larger.

Please make an effort, this is important. It is easy to do nothing, but to help someone takes effort. If it was you I am sure you would like to think that people would help.

The Shedd holds 350 people lets fill it.

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Anonymous said...

Mary Miller benefit posters are being put up at Gresso's and Club Diversity on High St. in German Village. Also a friend is putting one up somewhere in Lancaster tomorrow (Sep 12).--Teresa Schleifer aka Cafesongbird