Sunday, August 24, 2008

Two Important Folkie Messages for Folk people.

Two Important Folkie Messages for Folk people.

Date Change for Ashville Open Mic 3rd Birthday Party.

The date for the party will now be.

September the 18 th

Sorry for the change, but it is an attempt to be more inclusive. We could have had 9/11, but sorry I can not bring myself to have a party on that day.

The party will be a Funny Hat Party so wear the stupidest hat you can find and win a prize. There will also be the usual Monty Python Sketch and a Moving Rhyme Competition. (What is a moving rhyme competition? Come along and find out.) It will be a fun night and it is always packed so come early for the best seats.

Mary Miller Benefit Concert.

Friends this is important. Please do not ignore the information below or the concert. Mary needs your support. If you were $40,000 in debt because you were being treated for cancer and had no Health Insurance, wouldn't you want the support of friends and people around you? Of course you would.

Here are the details up to now.

Venue: The Shedd. Where the Six String Concerts are held.

Headliners: Vinegar Hill

Support: Rob McNurlin T.B.C.

Opener: T.B.C.

Date: September 14

More information to follow.

I am looking for volunteers. Nothing massively time consuming, but people to lend a hand with a few things. Here is what we need.

Poster distribution

General publicity (Have you contacts in the media?)

Find a sponsor. Do you know anyone who would be willing to sponsor the event with a donation.

There sponsorship would be recognized on the evening.

People available on the night should something occur where we need help.

General help as required.


All things are open for discussion as to the operation and fund raising. This may well be determined by the number of volunteers.

At the moment the lines of thought are. Keep it simple, no pressure selling to supporters, more to rely on their generosity and to prompt them to give.

Any thoughts on this I would appreciate. Please post your comments here on the blog.

Put a smile on your face. (Off Topic)

If I have not emailed this to you have a look.

Go to home page and watch the video. It should come as the page loads. It is an extract from a presentation I gave on inter personal communication.

Larry Penington and myself were at a party at the Cohen's on Saturday night. If you do not know Larry Pennington you should he is a nice fellow.

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