Friday, August 8, 2008

Get out your Folk Diaries Folkies

Get out your Folk Diaries Folkies

Thursday September 4th will be the Open Mic birthday party at Papa Joe's Ashville

Yes the Open Mic has been running for three years on the 4th September. It seems a long time ago that we started what has turned out to be a wonderful experience. We have seen change and adversity, but like all good folkies we pulled through. Ending up at just about the best place anyone could ask for. For those of you who have not experienced Papa Joe's we have our own room, stage, lighting, PA, and a wonderful young server called CJ who looks after us well. Dave Rainey is sound man extraordinaire and a bunch of regulars who are the mainstay of the Open Mic with an influx of new comers who never cease to amaze us with their abilities.

As usual for our parties there will be a Monty Python sketch of some sort, competitions, hats, streamers, silly songs and of course music.

Sign Up From 6pm with a 7pm start, be there for fun and frolics plus good music.

Saturday Jam At Worthington Farmers Market

Larry Staats and the Jamers will be at the Market Saturday be there for a good session.

What's On this weekend.

Check Out the calendar for At Whits End and The Mac this Saturday.

The calendar for August is filling up fast. Keep sending gig information.

Information you can use.

Feel free to send information and notices for inclusion in the blog. I run this blog to help promote what is going on in the folk arts world, that means it is your blog.

To see video of the Open Mic go to YouTube and enter EnglishmanJohn (All one word) in search and they will come up. There are drop downs for those of you who have not been there before, so that you can choose what order you want to see them. All the work of Tom the Ukulele Man.

Get your folk friends to sign up for the blog.

Forward the web address to all your friends. Build up the Blog and we can all have more fun.



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