Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Folk Session for Irish Folkies

Photo (Eric First time at Ashville open mic)

Folk Session for Irish Folkies

Mo and I took a trip down to the Music in the Park in Ashville on Sunday afternoon. What a good show. The Randys are best described as an old time group, that is 50s and early 60s music. Many of which I remember to well. There were a few hundred people there in perfect weather relaxing in a superb atmosphere. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

This is a tight band and the lead singer has an amazing voice. If you get chance to see them do so.

Session Time

We had to leave Ashville fifteen minutes before it ended because it was my Brother in Laws birthday and we had agreed to have a family gathering at the Claddagh pub on Front in down town Columbus. What a surprise when we walked in. The place was full of musicians all ready for an Irish jam session. A large number of them I knew and it was nice to say hello to a few friends who I had spent considerable time with at the Dublin Irish Festival. If you are interested they play each Sunday from around 7 pm until 10pm. Good music, good food and a wide range of beer and stout.

A Man of Music History

The link below may be of interest to you. I posted the link because to put the article in the blog would spoil the story. The web site gives it such a good feel. it is good to know that people like this are recorded and have gone down in the history books for ever.

Volunteer Wanted

The Columbus Folk Music Society are looking for someone to do the artist booking for their winter concerts. The September one is booked, Grassahol, so that is no problem I also have possibles for the following two months.

If you think you may be interested contact the President Joe Baringhaus
Photo (She got the washing done)

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