Friday, August 1, 2008

Busy Folk Weekend for Folkies

Busy Folk Weekend for Folkies

If you can stand the heat the you should be at the Dublin Irish Festival. Top bands from around the world will be there and lots to see and do. I am famous at 1095 Arapaho Ave and I am there. Feel free to call me if you are going to the Irish Festival you will find me there Friday Saturday and Sunday. Have fun.

Worthington Farmers market Jam session.

This sounds as if it is going really well. A big pat on the back for Larry Staats for getting this organised and running so well. The message I received from him shows he is still working on improving a very good session. I promise Larry as soon as I get a free Saturday I will be there.

This week I think we should try moving to the sundial side of the walkway
so that spectators have more seating. So, bring a chair and a friend. I'll try to bring
a couple of extra chairs. Still from 9:30 to 11:30 am on the South East Green, Rt
161 & High Street, Worthington, OH.

Check the Calendar for other events this weekend.

The calendar is filling up for August. Keep sending the information.


To check out the latest videos from the Ashville Open Mic go to Youtube and enter

EnglishmanJohn all one word in the search. Tom the Ukulele Man has done a lot of work. Thanks Tom.

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