Monday, July 21, 2008

Hot and Busy Folk Arts Weekend

I hope you survived the heat over the weekend? The Schomburgs, Dick and myself had a hot time in all ways at the Dublin Arts Festival. All four of us had people turn up as audience and it made for a good day. The organizer of the live music section was a dream to work with. Maria Renzetti worked hard to make sure we had everything we needed and nothing was to much trouble.

The yards sale for the CFMS took place. I have not had any information how they did, but I bet they were hot.

There were six events on the calendar for that day. I hope you all had a good turnout and enjoyed yourself.

I see the calendar for August is starting to fill up. That is a good sign. If you are not sending me your gigs, or events you are involved in, you may be missing out. I have had a number of people tell me they use that calendar to decide where to go for their entertainment. Also, while I am at it send your information and articles to me and I will post them.

Start them young

Dick Plunks granddaughter Katelyn looks like a budding folkie. I think Dick had an ulterior motive when he bought the guitar. (Surprise Surprise). I think he wanted to get in with the influence before computer games had the chance to take over.

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