Monday, July 28, 2008

Folk, Music, Storytelling for Folkies

(Photos by Ty)

Folk, Music, Storytelling for Folkies

Jazz festival.
I had a nice couple of hours at the Jazz and Ribs Festival. My main reason for going was to hear Sweet Sixteen. Bass player Dave Rainey being a good friend of mine. He is also sound man for the Ashville Open Mic on Thursday nights, and lead singer for the Raineys trio, and the main component for all the music that transpires in Ahsville park over the summer. Check out every Sunday in Ashville on the calendar for an example.
This was a high profile gig for the group being on the main stage with a very large audience. They did themselves proud. It took untill halfway into their first piece for the sound man to get it right and from then on it was plain sailing. Good crystal vocals with a solid group behind will always come over well and it did.

Bill Board Fame

Storyteller Lyn Ford is on a Bill Board in Athens Alabama for the Athens Storytelling Festival. Lyn is a full time Teller who has travelled the world with her stories. Not only is she an amazing storyteller, but a super person as well. Well dome Lyn.

Lyn is second from the right for those of you who do not know her.

Open Mic Newbies

Once again we had a few newbies at the Open mic In Ashville. The first photo is of Paul showing no matter what antics a microphone does the show must go on.

Steve came all the way from , I think he said Marion. He had been told about the Open Mic and thought he would give it a go.

It was a pleasure to meet you Steve and I hope we get to here that deep voice and wonderful story songs again.

A Nice Return
It was nice to see the return of TJ from his Boot Camp experiences. There were imeadiate requests for his song. "I am the Only Gay Eskimo in my Tribe." Welome back you were missed. All we need now is for Alex and Mike to return and we will be complete. Mike Powers was telling me that Mike Neeley is over in Ireland playing in various locations.

We do get around.

Dublin Irish Festival

Dublin Irish festival this weekend. Lots to hear, lots to see, lots to do. If you come look me up. Check the calendar for my gig times, but also find me out and about and we will have a drink.

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