Monday, July 7, 2008

Folk Info for Folkies

Folk Info for Folkies

Looking at the calendar for July it is going to be a month with plenty of choice. Keep that information coming.

All you John Prine fans may be interested in the article below. The album, cover on the right takes me back to when I first discovered Prine.
Those were the days when all I wanted to do was sing protest songs, join picket lines and change the world. I went wrong somewhere because the world has not improved, but what has been consistent is the quality of Prine's song writing.
It says something for the man's talent when fans from his first album back in the sixties are still listening today. A much older John Locke sat on his deck on Sunday night with a glass of wine and John Prine on the player.
Prine and myself have grown old together, I hope at least in some minor way over the years we have left the world in a better shape then when we came in. A friend on mine once said to me, "They can do all sorts of things to you in this life, but they can not take away your memories." I have some wonderful musical memories and friendships from down the years and I thank Mr Prine for helping to create them.

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Looks like the Reznors and Yorkes out there better watch out, some old folks are starting to figure out this here internet. Through July 7th, aging folkie John Prine is offering a 15% discount to anyone with a special code (ohboy070408) through the online store of his Oh Boy Records label. To lure people into the store, Oh Boy is also giving away a free live MP3:
Recorded just over a year ago, we’d also like to offer this FREE MP3 of “Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” from Prine’s June 15, 2007 performance at the Warner Theatre recorded our nation’s capitol. This classic Prine song, originally from 1986’s German Afternoons, has been covered more times than The Beatles’ “Yesterday.” OK, so we may be fibbing a bit there, but artists from Nanci Griffith to Amos Lee have given this song a nod by recording a rendition.
We’ve included the MP3 here for you to download, but please go through and pick up some of his great albums. For those unfamiliar with Prine’s work, he’s a brilliant, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and one of the first to be saddled with the unfortunate “Next Dylan” tag.
He is responsible for a number of classics across a wide range of styles: from the sarcastic “Dear Abby” and “Illegal Smile” to sentimental songs like “The Great Compromise” to the downright aching “Sam Stone.” His most famous composition, however, is probably “Angel from Montgomery.” Made famous by Bonnie Raitt, this song literally gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.
John Prine - Speed of the Sound of Lonelines [Live]John Prine - Sam StoneBonnie Raitt - Angel from Montgomery [Live f. John Prine]

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Erin said...

You know july also brought the release of 'Moneyland,' the title track might be my favorite, but Del McCoury's cover of "When i'm 64," is sublime too :)