Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekend folk Action

Weekend folk Action

Before we get to the main items on the blog could I ask for readers to check something for me. Two people have told me they are not able to enter comments on the blog. From what they are saying it is the Google software causing the problem.

Could you post a comment and let me know what happens by e mailing me?


This weekend we have a good selection for you, there are too many to go through here, but visit the calendar and you will find a selection of all types of music.
This week at the Ashville open mic we had a pleasant surprise. The return of the Barns Doors. They not only brought along their new arrival, but also a large contingent of their family members who were in from all over the country.

Everyone was delighted to see them and they told me they are planning to be back on the music scene with little Mason in tow absorbing as much music as he can ready for when they buy him his first fiddle.

I will be first in line to hold Mason when they are performing.
(Phot: The Barn Doors new fiddle player)

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P. Raver said...

Don't forget that At Wit's End has a show saturday night at Areopagitica Books, too. ;-) Actually, I'm just checking whether I can leave a comment or not.