Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vote for Tom the Ukulele man

Vote for Tom the Ukulele man

I had this from Tom and he needs your vote. The recording is typical Tom have a listen.

Hi there!! It’s me – Ukulele Man !!

A while back a friend said I should enter a Jingle Contest about scooping up pet poop. So – you know me - I did.

I figured it would be a “learning experience” with my first video camera, and that would be it, and that would be good enough.

Well, it seems I made the big cut and am among the finalists. The winner, however, will be determined by on-line voters. Since my ukulele and I have made it this far, I’m asking for your help.

To vote for me (if you think I deserve it), go to:

as of right now, I’m called “Contestant #1”

Click in the “I like this one the best” circle (if you do [bet you do] )

Then, you need to enter your email and zip code at the bottom and

Click “Vote Now !”

Your single vote could make the difference; but if, like me, you are a bit obsessive-compulsive, you’re allowed to vote as many times as you want.

Thanks for helping an old guy’s self esteem by choosing his dog poop jingle as the least poopy!!

Yours – Tom (“Ukulele Man”)

p.s. Even if you don’t vote, check out the video – it’s awesome (in a plain sort of way)

Voting ends July 15th

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Cindy Funk said...

Thanks for the info on the Steve Goodman bio. Verrry interesting... I'll never forget seeing Steve perform at the Canal Street Tavern a few times back in the day. What a guy.

Re: Great Big Sea - I already have my tickets!!! WooHoo! Love those guys. It sounds like the new album is going to be a little less traditional folk than the last one, but there are still some good folkie track on it. See you there...