Monday, June 9, 2008

Folkies and their folk music and stories go into the summer.

Folkies and their folk music and stories go into the summer.

Yes Folkies the heat is on. As usual there are lots of events coming up over the next few scorching hot weeks ahead. Send me your information and we will get it up there for all to see.

Evolution of dance.

I was at a seminar on Sunday and one of the speakers was Judson Laipply made famous by the Youtube hit, "The Evolution of Dance." If you have not seen it go to Youtube and put Evolution of Dance into search and have some fun. You could also get it by putting the same in Google.

My thoughts seeing him live were, "Where is Larry Staats when you need him?"

While we are talking Youtube there is new material on there from the Open mic in Ashville. Tom the Ukulele Man is doing a fine job

A welcome message from Mary Miller following her surgery.

Hi everyone!!!Just a note (I am learning new email tricks.)I am home and recovering from my surgery. We were kicked out of the hospital for belting out "Rasheedah" into the night & causing general ruckusmayhem. In the hospital, I enjoyed a lovely variety of popsicles and Morphine (yum! combo meal! "Would you like Morphine with that?" "Yes,Please.")I remember NOTHING about the surgery (A-OK. by me) and I am glad to be home.The fabulous Nurse Ken has been taking exquisite care of me. Godluvhim. Wewere laughing in the pre-op area all the way up till they took me forsurgery. My surgeon was excellent but he was very stuffy. By the end, Igot him to relax and be funny, I was quite proud of him. I feel great mostof the time, and when I start to feel pain I call for Cabana-Boy/Nurse Kento bring me drugs. ("Yes, I would like Perky-set with that, please!")Thanks for all of your love, prayers, laughter, music, encouragement &friendship in getting through this, I credit all of the above for my chipperattitude.

I am blessed!Love, Mary

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