Friday, June 27, 2008

Folk News for Folkies.

Folk News for Folkies.

John Schomburg sent me the link below. Two things about this film.

1 If you do not laugh at this you need help

2 No I have not a clue what he is saying, but whatever it is, it can not be as good as interpreted.
(Photo: Janet with long hair.)

Sunday At The Park of Roses Clintonville

Columbus Folk Music Society Picnic and AGM. From 1pm onwards. Look for Fred Baily on the right as you get into the park at the bottom of the drive, if you are late listen for the music.

The AGM takes about 15 minutes. If you have been nominated for a position on the board be there or be elected without knowing.

Bring a contribution to the food and during and have a good time.

This from Jimmy Razor

Is Columbus’ Jimmy Razor the World’s Hottest Unsigned Artist?

Come on folks give Jimmy your support

Columbus, Ohio, USA, June 10, 2008 – Columbus’ own Jimmy Razor is competing to be named the world’s hottest unsigned artist. He has entered The Gretsch Company’s Next Gretsch Greats, an online battle-of-the-unsigned-bands celebrating the drum and guitar maker’s 125th anniversary. If Jimmy Razor wins, he’ll represent Columbus at Gretsch’s 125th Anniversary concert in New York City and take home $15,000 in new drums and guitars.

Fans can vote for Jimmy's song, “Love Me I'm Popular”, or other favorite songs at every day from June 15 through July 16. Ten finalists will be selected by popular vote and then judged by an expert panel that will select the grand, first and second prize winners.

“I'm excited to be a part of the Next Gretsch Greats Unsigned Artist Competition,” Razor. I encourage all of Central Ohio to vote for my song.”

The Next Gretsch Greats Unsigned Artist Competition is open to unsigned and independent label recording acts residing in the United States, U.K., Canada, Spain, Germany, France and Japan. No purchase will be necessary to enter or win. The complete contest rules are available for review at

More information about The Gretsch Company’s 125th Anniversary celebrations can be found at and

About Jimmy Razor:
Columbus rock veteran Jim Hutter has harbored a love for the simplicity of pre-psychedelic and post-punk rock for most of his life. When he is not thumping bass for those Gleefully Obnoxious rockers The Moops, he dons a six-string and plays solo sets of high energy acoustic rock 'n' roll that owes a huge debt to Memphis in 1956, Liverpool in 1964, and CBGB's in 1977. Sad introspection and slow tempoes are not for Jimmy Razor, who slings a six-string janglebox with as much energy as The Ramones, trying to push those emotional buttons that people actually enjoy feeling.

About The Gretsch Company
Founded in 1883 as a small musical instrument shop in Brooklyn, N.Y., The Gretsch Company, now based in Savannah, Ga., has produced some of the world’s greatest drums and guitars over the span of four generations. With its emphasis on hand-craftsmanship and commitment to quality, Gretsch has pioneered new designs and manufacturing techniques, winning endorsements from some of the music industry’s most respected artists, including Chet Atkins, Charlie Watts, Neil Young and Phil Collins. Gretsch also owns and manufactures some of the other most popular and historic music industry products and brands including Bigsby® Vibratos and Sho-Bud® Pedal Steel Guitars. The company has strong worldwide ties with musical giants Kaman and Fender, placing the Gretsch name in concert halls and recording studios around the globe.

Lots going on this weekend and all next week, see the calendar.

As an extra in Ashville there is something on all next week. Starting Monday I know at 6pm Hartley and Joseph are on, they have a new CD out and they are followed by Death By Banjo. All in the park in Ashville. All run by the best sound man in Ashville Dave Rainey. I was supposed to get other information, but he was to busy twiddling knobs to send it.

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Cathy Jo said...

that's is the wildest interpretation of Cocker I have ever seen, with only john Belushi's imitation even coming close! Thanks for passing that along!