Sunday, May 18, 2008

Folk Arts For Folkies

Folk Arts For Folkies

I notice in the SOCO (Storytellers Of Central Ohio) News Letter that they will be holding their meetings at the Areopegitica Book Shop in Clintonville. Well done SOCO, you will be very pleased with your new meeting venue. Rebeca and Doug are two of the nicest people you could wish to meet and they will make you very welcome.

The bookshop is getting a very good reputation for the arts, there is a poetry group, the Columbus Folk Music Society and now SOCO. Bet you can not resist buying a book when you are there.

I had a message from John Schomburg regarding Michael Hurley coming to town.

Michael Hurley, the grand shaman of all singer-songwriters is going to be playing at the Rumba Cafe on Tuesday night. This is a man on a par with Dylan and Prine when it comes to songwriting. The only real genius that I am personally acquainted with.
Could you forward this attachment to your folk mailing list?

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