Friday, April 11, 2008

Folk Information For Folkies

Folk Information For Folkies

It is nice to be back from New Orleans and getting into things.

I have lots of information about various happenings coming your way.


Any C F M S members out there who have nominations for committee slate please let me have the names. If you feel like you would like to do work on the committee please feel free to nominate yourself.

The election for the new committee will be at the annual June Picnic. We need names for all positions a number of people are retiring this year so lets have new names please.


A good turn out and for the fund raising concert resulted in a $900 plus addition to the funds. Thank you everyone for your support. If you would like to donate feel free this is an expensive event to put on and we need all the help we can get.

This is Pam Raver's first year as Director and she is doing a wonderful job.

We still need volunteers for the festival. The more people that volunteer the less time you have to do. If you can do just an hour it will help and you will meet lots of interesting people. Contact Cathy Silver (I do not have her new name it could be Gold or Bronze)

The Festival is on the 2nd 3rd and 4th May and is good fun. The Friday night is fun night. Pot Luck, Jam session and the world famous Worst Song in the World Competition. Not the worst singer, the worst song. The prize for the winner will astound you.

For more information go to

Saturday 12 April

Yours Truly John Locke An Englishman Abroad will be performing at the Areopagitica Books

3510 N High Street on Saturday 12 April.

The music starts at 7pm with Isaiah Jackson. A new name to me so it will be fun.
I will be following Isaiah at 8pm with new songs old songs and stupidity. Feel free to pop in. There is no cover charge just a tip jar.

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