Monday, April 28, 2008

Columbus Folk Festival Makes TV Fox 28

Festival Time

Some of the entrants to the Worst Song in the World competition. (Not the worst singer. The worst song) This is held on the Friday night at the meet and greet pot luck and jam session in the Lodge.

Columbus Folk Festival Makes TV Fox 28.
(Photo. Mustard's Retreat this years head liners.)

Tune in to Fox 28 on Wednesday morning from 7am until 9am for a number of segments about the festival. We will be on in two minute segments over the two hours. Some music, some interview, about the festival this coming week end. 2nd, 3rd and 4th May.

Pass this on to your friend so that they may be encouraged to come to the festival.

Viking Festival.

Saturday afternoon I had a ride down to the Viking Festival in Ashville.

I know. Viking Festival. Ashville? You may also be saying what has this got to do with the folk arts? I am not that narrow minded that I can not see the relationship between Vikings and the folk tradition.

What an excellent festival. This is their forth year and attendance is around 3500 over the weekend. Music, juggling, magic, belly dancing, camel rides, demonstrations of ancient arts and crafts concession stalls and a Viking sailing ship. They sailed the Viking ship on the local reservoir on the Friday the festival started. Here is the good bit. Entrance is free and the money they make. Yes they make money, goes to the local community center.

This is a family friendly festival that you must keep a lookout for next year. Not only will you see Vikings but there are Cavaliers, Normans, Knights in Armour and all manor of things ancient.

Four Shillings Short.

What a wonderful performance by Four Shillings Short on Saturday night at the Book Shop. Music, comedy and very interesting education about instruments that you may never see again. I always say that you can tell how enthralled an audience has been by the number of people who want to speak to the performer afterwards. There were so many people on the stage I could not pack the sound equipment away.

If you did not attend eat your heart out, you missed a good one.

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