Monday, March 10, 2008

Folk Denial Among Other Things

Folk Denial Among Other Things

I have a standard rule; if the forecast is for eight inches of snow we will get four inches. I think I was right again this time excluding the drifts. They said twelve inches and we had six. No matter what, I think just about everything was cancelled over the weekend. Can you imagine the cost to all these organizations?

One of the biggest problems is contacting people to let then know an event is cancelled. I know that the Columbus Folk Music Society managed to get messages out, but there are always people who will not be on the contact list. I will let you know when the Festival Benefit Concert for the Folk Society is rearranged.

The Raineys
A number of you out there are aware of the Raineys. Dave Rainey and his two daughters Megan and Jen. If you have not been to one of their events then you must. Jen plays piano and Megan plays flute and Accordion, what you may not be aware of is that Megan also plays piano and is classically trained. The link below is not folk music, but it is one of our own showing her abilities as a very good musician.

Mike Powers

Mike Powers is on the mend following an operation on his knee. He can now play guitar, which is just as well because he could not before he had the operation. It will be nice to see Mike out and about again, the dog is pleased.

Papa Joe's Open Mike went well last week following a bad week before because of the weather. When you have people having to stand because all the seats are taken you know it is good. There are some good young performers becoming regulars and showing a lot of talent in song writing.

Anyone planning to come down to Papa Joe's we have a signing up rule to help keep us to time.

The first eight people to sign up get three songs, after that it is two songs. We are sorry to have to do this but it was 11 PM when we finished tearing down two weeks ago and it is a long drive for some of us.

Check out Tom The Ukulele Mans U Tube site for videos of the Open Mike. Just go to U Tube and put EnglishmanJohn (All one word) in the search engine and see if you are there. When you come down tell Tom before hand which song you want recorded and he will do it for you.

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