Monday, March 31, 2008

Entertainment at it's Best

Entertainment at it's Best.

What a weekend. Saturday and Sunday were one of the best ever for good solid enjoyment. If you missed out on the Columbus Folk Music Society Coffee House at the Bookshop on Saturday evening and the Sunday Fireside Tales you missed a good time.

Saturday was the fund raiser for the Folk Festival in May and that is always good fun. Stressful, but good fun. Watching married couples bidding against each other has to be a laugh.

The auction was followed by Chris Bare with his sing along collection of songs that we all know and his comedy between songs. What a good entertainer Chris is, he even had the crowd whistling. No mean feat. It was a late night but a good one and money raised for the festival.

Where can you go and get such good entertainment for so little.

You may well want to try the Storytellers of Central Ohio. SOCO. It was Fireside Tales on Sunday at the Columbus/Davis Performing Arts Center in Columbus.

An almost full house of around 175 people and what a collection of Tellers. I was fortunate to be asked to Tell so I do not include myself in that praise. Three Little Pigs from the Wolfe's point of view to a tortoise bringing peace to the world it was a great afternoon. SOCO work hard at this event and it pays off.

They always have entertainment before the Storytelling starts, this year Larry Staats took the honors. What a performance. If you do not know Larry he plays a collection of unusual instruments, nose flute, jaws harp,bones and other wonderful items. If he can pick it up he will get a tune out of it. Apart from being able to play these instruments he also told us relevant information on them. It was a fantastic set that was great fun and informative.

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