Sunday, February 10, 2008

Music and Protest

Music and Protest.

For hundreds, if not thousands of years, lyric writers and performers have used their medium as a form of protest. I thought the Dixie Chicks Vs Toby Keith episode had died, it seem not, see the link below. this is one person who thinks it should be revived.

Open Mic

A packed house at Papa Joe's last Thursday with fifteen performers and fifty audience. All we have to do now is keep it up. Four new performers were welcomed into the fold. Derwin, Alex, Patsy and Ethan.

Tom the Ukulele Man is building up a video site on U Tube I will keep you posted.

There will soon be an additional mandolin player in the Barn Doors. The arrival is any day now.

John Prine on the 23 of February.

There are a number of us going for food before the concert.

If you want to join us please let me know. At the moment it looks like Schmidt's in German Village at around 6 PM. That is not written in stone so contact me if you want to be included.

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