Thursday, February 21, 2008

Folk Music Galore

Folk Music Galore

Lots going on at the moment.

For those of you not going to see John Prine there will be a very good band on at the bookshop.

The Columbus Folk Music Society presents Vinegar Hill
Vinegar Hill will perform as the main act. I understand there will be an Irish dancer on hand and a slide show with the music. I was at their Dublin Festival performance and I can tell you they are fantastic. The signs are it will be a packed house so be there early. Jam session 7pm open mic 8 pm Vinegar Hill 9pm

Areopagitica Books
3510 N. High Street Clintonville 268-5094

John Prine

As of at this moment we will be meeting at Schmidt's in German Village at around 6 PM. There may well be a few of us, around a dozen, it should be good fun.

Open Mic Performances

If you go to Youtube and enter EnglishmanJohn in the search (all one word) you may well see yourself, Tom has been putting them on for the world to see. Thanks Tom a great job.

New Sign Up Rules for the Open Mic

Because of the numbers we have to change the sign up rules. Dave and I are not getting out until 11Pm so here is how we will try to cut down a little.

If you sign up to be one of the first eight on you will have three songs, after that you will have two songs.

We are going to see how that works. some of the regulars have volunteered to drop out on occasion to let others in. We will do our best to accommodate everyone. This is the price of success, a wonderful problem to have.

Enjoy the photo's
I though I would do a splash from a few happenings.

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