Monday, February 4, 2008

First Night Thursday

First Night Thursday
Come along.

Next Thursday is the first night of the new Open Mic venue. There has been lots of action behind the scenes in preparation. If you can play and you want an audience, Papa Joe’s on Thursday night will be the place to be.

Dave Rainey tells me there has been a tremendous response in the village so it looks like a full house. If you have been to one of the old Open Mics then think different. You will find a few innovations, one of them being an instrument storage and tune up area at the far end of the room. There will also be a display area for budding and established performers to show their posters, CDs, promotional items and other sale goods. Bring yours along.

For you food and beer lovers we will have our own server tending to your every need. What could be better?

Dave Rainey tells me there will also be a reporter there from the local paper, so if you want your fifteen minutes of fame come along and play.

All the people from south of Circleville who lost out because of distance when we left the Stagecoach, it will be nice to see you back, you have been missed.

Pass this on to your music friends and lets have a good time.

Dave and I will be there Wednesday night setting up the sound so if you want to hang out see you there.

Papa Joe's

20 Cromley St

Ashville, OH 43103740-983-6100

Sign up from 6 pm onwards.

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