Sunday, January 27, 2008

Playing catch Up


Yes we have moved again. This place could be better then the the Stagecoach.
We have a room of our own upstairs.
We are back in our old locality.
Full Menu
The layout of the up stairs room will encourage people down stairs to come up and listen because the music is able to filter down.
Papa Joe's
20 Cromley St
Ashville, OH 43103
About one mile east of the Stagecoach.
Below is a map
We will be starting on the Thursday 7 February 2008. Sign up from 6pm.
There will be lots of publicity leading up to the first night. Posters, flyer's, news paper articles,
e mails, phone calls and anything we can think of. Because this is in Dave Raineys back yard there will be a good audience attendance. For those of you not aware, Dave Rainey is,
Mr Ashville.
There is also a possibility of playing outside in the summer.
You will get another reminder before the event.
Fifteen Minutes of Fame
I often get asked why do I spend so much time promoting the folk arts, whats in it for me? Well apart from the fact I love the music and storytelling, the people involved are in a class of their own. You would be hard put to find more caring, friendly people who work hard at what they do and are always willing to help others improve their skills. Most will never hit the high spots, they do it because they love it. However, now and then there comes a ray of sunshine and a few are rewarded with their fifteen minutes of fame. That happened this week.
Gary Andrews a singer song writer from way down by the river sent in a contribution to competition set up by Willie Nelson. Gary was right there at the top with his contribution being published. Well done Gary. It is people like you that inspire me to do more then just play or tell.
You should be hearing a lot more about this in the days to come.
Speaking About Competitions.
If you think you can write a jingle for an ad then Linda Blain of Avalon Nine suggests you go here.
Prior Warning
There is a strong possibility that I will be asking for your help in a week, or so. I do not have the authority to discuss it at the moment, so not details. However, this will be so important I know you will want to get involved.
Watch this space.

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