Monday, January 14, 2008

Packed Out and Busy

Packed Out and Busy

What a turn out at the Espresso Yourself Music Cafe in Powell. When every seat is taken and then you start getting more chairs out, you know you are packing them in. It was good for Eric that I ran the night because he needed to be behind the counter serving.
(Photo is of Stagecoach regulars of yesteryear.)

I was continually being told by people there for the first time what a good atmosphere the place had. It is a pleasure to sit in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee, a plate of food and listen to the music and the quality of music was amazing right up to the last hour that was turned over to an open mic.

I have to say that it shows how worth while it is belonging to this blog. If you are not sure or you are a first time visitor just look at the calender for Saturday 19 January.

If the bands out there are not taking advantage of getting on this blog and sending me their gigs they are missing out on good publicity.

Happy plucking, blowing, squeezing or hitting.

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Howard said...

John, is the EYMC the new Open Mic venue?