Friday, November 2, 2007

Good Places For Good Music

Good Places For Good Music

I want to let you know about a hidden jem that is starting to come to the fore.

Espresso Yourself Music Cafe in Powell.

It is on the right, a hundred yards or so after you go over the main Powell cross roads going west.

This is a fabulous venue for musicians. Excellent sound system, good stage, appreciative audience and owners who not only love music, but play.

I intended to take information off their web site, but I think you will get a better idea if you visit the site yourself. There are photos of the place and other information that you will like.

The events list is self explanatory, but there are opportunities for concert spots, open mic and writers circle. Any performers out there contact Eric.

I can not recommend Espresso Yourself Music Cafe highly enough. If there is anywhere that should be supported by music lovers this is the place. Give it a try.

Cadillac Jack's

Yes Thursday Night was the first nigh at the new venue.

A tremendous turnout, a fabulous place and it will only be a few weeks before we are feeling at home. Unfortunately a number of performers were not able to get on because of the numbers signed up, but people were very understanding about that.

A few very minor hitches for the first night before the night started, but there were enough brains there to sort it out. We need to rearrange the seating a little, but we will work on that.
All in all an excellent night.

When you have people like Jack who came and performed a went right to work when he left, to do a night shift and Ken who came straight from work 20 miles the other side of Chillicothe it makes you feel humble and appreciative.

The locals were a little perplexed, but they will be joining in once they get to know us. After all we were invading their space. They must have wondered who on earth all these people were.

Thank you to all the people who turned up and for helping with the set up and take down. Something we have not had to do in the past.

The Columbus Folk Music Society

The 24 November is their annual Open Mic Night to raise money for the Festival in May. Admittance is the same, but there will not be a guest. Hence the fund raising.

This is a chance for the performers out there to show their stuff. Who knows you may get booked for a concert.

This will be held at the best Book Shop in Columbus.

Areopagitica Books, High Street, Clintonville. More information closer to the event.

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