Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stagecoach Open Mic Meeting

Stagecoach Open Mic Meeting

First I need to apologise to non Stagecoach Open Mic people. The change in ownership of the Stagecoach has caused venue problems for around 20 to 30 musicians, please bare with us while we get this sorted. Then I can get back to normal. If that is possible for me to do.

Larry Pennington and his wife Linda have agreed to have a meeting at their home to try and decide what we will do. This will take place at 7:30 PM on Thursday 18 October. For the address see below.
Too many people have expressed a wish for the open mic to continue for us to let it lapse. Here is what we need.

A new venue that will not mean too much extra travel for anyone. Our problem is we are reasonably split between north and south of Circleville. We have players from Delaware down to Cincinnati who frequent the Open Mic.

It will have to be a regular Thursday night. We may be able to change the times a little.

If there is a PA that would be good.

If there is a stage that would be good.

If you have any suggestions please come to the meeting, or send me the information if you can not make it.

If we have a bad turnout for the meeting there we will be an assumption that there is a lack of support. If you can not make it because of commitments, e mail me so I know I have your support.

The Address is.

Directions from Stage Coach

North on 23 to first light, (.03 Miles) Make right on 752. Go 1.7 miles to the next light. (You will have recently crossed RR tracks) Turn left at Ashville Pike/Long Street. Go 1.5 miles till you come to our house. Our house is the second house on the Right past St. Paul.

12694 Ashville Pike
Ashville, Ohio, 43103

There are three large grain Silos next to our house. I always tell people about the Silos but nobody ever seems to see them. How they miss three thirty foot grain Silos is a mystery to me.

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