Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night
(Photo Stagecoach BBQ)

OK I know this is what you have been waiting for. I have thought hard and long about this because I know there will be people who do not agree with me. I can not please everyone. All I ask that you give it a try and to have an open mind. We can make the new place our own just like we did the Stagecoach. It is up to us. I did not want to increase travel to much for anyone if I could help it. We have people from Delaware to Cincinnati that is why I did not consider Columbus. It is a good extra drive from South Bloomfield if you are coming from south of there.

I will Be contacting the owner of Cadillac Jack's at Grove City to confirm we will be starting a new Open Mic there on Thursday 1 November at 7 PM.

Cadillac Jack's

1849 Stringtown Rd Grove City, OH 43123 (614) 875-7244

The quest was to find a place as good as the Stagecoach. Not Possible and we have to accept that. There were a number of places under consideration including The Harvest Moon Cafe who in the end came very close. They close at 9 PM the same as the Stagecoach, but not as flexible. This means if we increase the numbers, or just have a good night we will have to refuse performers, something I do not like to do. There is no alcohol, but there is food. Canal Winchester is easy to get to, but the Harvest Moon is not straight forward, plus parking seemed limited.

The good points about Cadillac Jack's are.

Access so simple it is a joke. When you come off I71 at Grove City going south if you do not turn left or right and go through the fence you will end up going through the front door. It is also easy to get to from I71 north and off 104 or 62. We should pull more performers in.

Big stage with loads of room.

We can start at 7 PM and end when we like, or when the last performer has played. This means we can increase our numbers and we may well do so with such easy access from the surrounding area.

The owner is keen for us to go there. He will advertise locally and on the radio. We need posters, but I will see to that. I said he needs to advertise it as an Acoustic Open Mic. Bob and Ralph get special treatment.

It is next door to a hotel and hotel clients call in looking for something to do for the evening.

The owner has a PA system, but it is not used, so we will use mine until Dave Rainey and myself work out what he has got.

The major problem with Cadillac Jack's is no food. You can order in and there is a Waffle House next door a Tee Jay's opposite and other places withing walking distance. You can always have a Domino's etc delivered.

It is a typical bar so, do not expect the Stagecoach when you walk in. Yes there may be people playing Pool, but they will not interfere with us. It is a friendly place and the owner likes it that way.

We have to make the night and do well enough to have people want to listen.

I ask your support and to give it a try.

I will remind you next week. Please leave your comments on the blog. See below.



Anonymous said...

Your right our ideal is gone. I personally only ate a couple of times at the BBQ. The last time wasn't all that good for the food. So the food part doesn't bother me.

Time wise I think it does offer much more flexibility and as John wrote it will open up the venue to new comers.

So I'm anxious to see it get started and I hope it is as friendly as the owner makes it out to be.

Mike Powers

Ukulele Man said...

Sounds like it ought to work. Nice picture of the Stagecoach - musta been snapped by a pro. I'll plan on being there.


Cathy Jo said...

Okay, if you are going to be THAT close to my house, I guess I'd better try to turn out for it! And I'll even drag the husband along...see ya then.

Anonymous said...

Great, Bob and I will look forward to it and it will certainly be very
convenient for us. If for some reason this doesn't work out, I've
found another very nice place that would be willing to accomodate us.


Anonymous said...

It will be nice to see you both Cathy Jo